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Simply contact the police dept. that arrested you.They will tell you who towed the vehicle. Depending on your local laws you may not be able to get your vehicle back.It could be seized and auctioned by your local goverment. Some states offer a free service online to search for your vehicle. Check out: Not sure what state you are in but I'd bet there is something. Also like the first user stated, contact the police that arrested you.

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Q: How does the owner of a vehicle find their car that has been impounded for driving without license and impaired?
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Do you need to have a drivers license to drive in California?

Yes you do. If you get caught driving without a license you will be cited and the vehicle you are driving will be impounded for 30 days.

What is the Consequence of driving unsupervised on a learners license?

You can receive a ticket with a fine, you also may get the vehicle you are driving impounded.

What happens if you drive under a suspended license and is on probation for something else?

you get arrested and most of the time, the vehicle you are driving no matter who it belongs to is impounded. you get arrested and most of the time, the vehicle you are driving no matter who it belongs to is impounded.

What are the penalties for driving without a license or with a suspended or revoked license?

Fines, possibility of having your vehicle impounded, extension of your ongoing suspension.

What happens if you get caught driving a semi without a cdl license?

Out of service, heavy fines, vehicle impounded.

How long can a car be impounded for if you loan it to someone who does not have a license?

Depends on where it happens. In California, the vehicle can be forfeited (as in taken forever) if the person driving it has a prior for driving without a license.

How many points for driving without a license in the state of Michigan?

No points ... you could be arrested and the vehicle impounded. You cannot drive any vehicle without a drivers license legally.

What happens if you are caught without a license and your driving?

The penalties differ from state to state, but you can get a fine, you can get your vehicle towed and impounded.

Can you retrieve license plates from an impounded vehicle?


Can a vehicle be impounded for not having a license plate?

Yes, it can be.

What is the punishment for driving alone with only a learners license?

Your licenses can be suspended for a year and your vehicle can be impounded. Also you will receive a ticket if the officer feels that it is necessary

Can i go to jail for driving with no car insurance and a learners permit?

Absolutely. If you are stopped and have no drivers license and do not have insurance on the vehicle you are driving then yes you will most likely be taken to jail and the vehicle will be impounded to car jail as well. They can't let you drive off without a license or insurance.

Driving without a license in MI?

This is against the law in any state or country when traveling/driving on public roads. The offender will be cited and possibly arrested and the vehicle impounded.

What happens when you have a suspended NJ license and get caught driving with it in NJ?

Since you are knowingly driving with a suspended license, one is likely to be arrested for not having a valid license ... the vehicle could also be impounded. Simple rule - if you don't have a valid drivers license, then don't drive ... it's illegal.

What will happen if your license plate is overdue?

If over 3 months the vehicle will be impounded.

If I'm 15 can you drive by yourself?

No. You can get a ticket and get your vehicle impounded if you do not have a valid drivers license.

What is the penalty for driving a bus without CDL?

A hefty fine and the vehicle gets impounded.

Your car was impounded and your husband had extraordinary license inclusive have you got rights what can you do?

Not enough information is supplied about the reason for the vehicle impoundment.For instance - was it impounded as evidence? Was it impounded as being used in a crime? Was it impounded as an unsafe vehicle? Was it seized for drugs? Was it seized pursuant to an arrest for DUI?

When driving a big rig what driving license does one have to carry?

Heavy Vehicle driving license

Can you carry a photocopy of your driving license while driving a vehicle in India?

Yes, you can carry a photocopy of your driving license while driving.

Is it legal for my car to get impounded for not having a driver's license when my wife was sitting next to me with her license?

If you are not licensed and are caught driving, in most cases you will be arrested and the car will be impounded. While officers sometimes have discretion to release the vehicle to another licensed driver or to write you a citation instead of making an arrest, this isn't always so, or they may opt not to use their discretion. It is certainly legal for the car to be impounded even if a licensed driver is available. If you have a license but simply don't have it on your person, most states do not provide for arrest and impounding of the vehicle if the officer can confirm that you are in fact a licensed driver.

Why you shouldn't drive without a drivers license?

The risk of arrest, fines, having your vehicle impounded, being disqualified from obtaining a license, possible jail time.

Can you get a ticket for driving an unregisterd vehicle n west wv?

Yes. Additionally, the vehicle will probably be impounded and you will probably have to show appropriate documents to get it released.

Will you find out if someone else gets a DUI driving my car?

Probably so, since your vehicle will likely be impounded.

What happens if you get caught driving without a tag in the state of California?

You will get a ticket and the vehicle will either have to be parked, towed, or impounded.