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How does the poketech app dowsing machine sHow is you when there is something?


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Where there a dot within the circle or the circle blinks.

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ok you know in your poketech you have the thing that says dowsing machine? well if you don't its number 7 poketech device thingy. so anyway you know the statue near eterna city? well if yopu look in back of the statue you press on the poketech when its on number 7. then it will show a gray spot and it will keep on flashing. walk into the dot and it will show the dot in the middle. then step away 1 step to left or right and press a button then you will find Draco plate. its in the back of the palkia statue in eterna city

You can find one using the dowsing machine, Dowsing machine on Pokewalker (volcano path route), Or you can find some at route 25 ( near Cerulean city) in Bills cottage. ( the old man asks you to show him some Pokemon)

You just tap the middle an if it doesn't show a dot on it then there is no hidden item around that area

You just have to wander around an area and when something is near two beams will glow blue then green then orange then red and then when the beams are red and crossed the is something then you press A and it will show you what you found. Hope this was helpful ;) Jo

How to get it:You get the dowsing maching app from Rowan's assistant on Route 207. How to use it:If you touch the touch screen and there is special stuff around, it will show you where. How to pick up items:You have to walk and stand in front of where it is and press the a button.

You find it by walking around into different towns and it will show you where it is on an app on your poketech.

Show a girl a Snorlax in the Pal Park in Route 221 to get the KITCHEN TIMER application!

Once you get to the app on the poketch, tap the screen in differnt places. If there is a hidden item, it will show as a dot. You are at the middle of the cross. Each step is a step in the game. Think of it as a mathematical graph. To get the item, stand one step away from it and face it. Press A.

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Gold/Silver/Crystal: Route 25 from Bill's Grandfather Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald: Route 124; trade with Red Shard, and Fiery Path FireRed/LeafGreen: Mt. Ember. Diamond/Pearl: Fuego Ironworks, and Stark Mountain. (use Dowsing Machine) Platinum: Fuego Irongworks, Solaceon Ruins (use Dowsing Machine), and Stark Mountain. (use Dowsing Machine) HeartGold/SoulSilver: National Park (get 1st place in Bug Catching Contest), at the Pokelathon at the prize center, and Route 25 in Kanto; show Bill's Grandfather a Growlithe or Vulpix Pokewalker: Warm Beach if you have at least 5,000 steps. Black/White: Castelia City; answer 'Pansear' to scientist, Desert Resort, a variety of places with a dustcloud. Black 2/ White 2: Desert Resort (Dowsing Machine), Lentimas Town, and a variety of places with a dustcloud. X/Y: Route 9, Route 18, and a prize in Super Training. Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire: Route 114, Route 124, Fiery Path, a prize from Super Training, and from Secret Pal in Secret Base.

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Digital watch Pedometer Memo Pad (president of poketch need oreburg badge) Dowsing machine (route 207) Calculator Pokemon List Friendship Checker (eterna city Pokemon center) Berry Searcher (208) Day care checker (guy at daycare) Counter (dept store) Marking map (poketch need veilstone badge) Coin Toss (hotel valor lakefront) Calender (show a guy a Pokemon with serious nature) Roulette (show quirky) Pokemon history (solanceon town) Analog watch (poketch veilstone badge) Link searcher (hearthome city) Move tester (poketch snowpoint badge) Dot artist (show naive) There are more but u get those after u beat the elite four =]

Heres some ways to get some: In Derfitwel city, in one of the houses, show this girl a move she wants to see and she will give you a heartscale. Using your dowsing machine, have it on alout and you can find hidden heartscales. Use thief on wild Luvdisk you find on route 13 and you might find a heartscale.

Bring something to class. "Show" it to the students and "tell" something about it.

Ok i have the answer but i think its better if i show you a youtube video that can show you i'll send you the link belowhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VliYOw6owcclick that or copy it to your URL bar. It will show you a video how to findcresseliaoh yea you need a poketech that shows you. K GoodLuck to you

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Spawn a time machine (anywhere) then tap it. The levels will show up.

You must go to jubilife city, then talk to the poketech president, you must have a certain badge, he will give you the map app and once you use it it will show you mesprit´s position on the map

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Humm... Poffins? um battling? er that poketech app that your Pokemon team are moving around, just click on the Pokemon for a long time and it will show the love there! hope it helped! :-)

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