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Q: How does the primal dragon help you on dragonfable?
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How do you be a fire primal dragon on dragonfable?

Sepulchure has the orb. you cant

How can you get markings for your adult dragon in dragonfable?

The markings are attainable, by completing the Primal Skills quest in Celestia Cove and elementising your Dragon using the Primal button (you cannot primal elementalise with Fire, Water and Energy currently)

How do you get primal fire dragon in dragonfable?

It is a bit hard, because you have to go to Lady Celestia, then click on the button which says 'Primal Dragon Sklills'. This will take you to fighting a titan and if you win then you will gain two skills. To unlock the primal dragon, you just click on the primal button where the elemental changing thing is. You also have to do ALL the Fire War quests first.

How do you get dragon coins in dragonfable?

how to get dragon coins in dragonfable free

What does a primal dragon do?

A primal dragon is one of your dragon's forms. It gives your dragon a very powerful special move.

What is the element of the dragon?

The other answer was right.But I want to improve it as it was from The Newest Dragonfable Release.The Dragon has 8 Elements.Fire,Water,Air,Nature,Darkness,Light,Ice,Water.If you want to improve your Dragon Element Your Dragon must have PRIMAL SKILLS(Rune Skills).It will be available if you finished Yulgar's Fire War Quest(Dragonfable's Main Storyline).

How do you unlock the dragon store in Dragon Fable?

to unlock the dragon store in DragonFable go to BattleOn, talk to yulgar, complete the incredibly long fire war quests, go to Sunbreeze Grove talk to the woman there and complete primal training

How do you get a dragon on dragonfable?

To recive a dragon on Dragonfable, you must purchase a $20 Dragon Amulet. This allows your baby dragon to grow.

How do you hit higher with your dragon in dragonfable?

dragonfable code

What is the best element to train your dragon in dragonfable?

Id recommend primal light it's one of the first orbs you get and it is good against almost all super hard bosses.

In dragonfable what does each dragon stat do?

The dragon stats help make your dragon much stronger and help you in battle like, 40+ attack, and 40+ protection, Somthing like that.

Who are the best people to help you in Dragon Fable?

The best people to help you in dragonfable is Artix and Zhoom ok. Hope I help ^_^.

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