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Q: How does the rain forest depend on echidnas?
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How do plants depend on animals in the rain forest?

They depend on animals because

What type of people depend on the rain forest?

every body does most medicines come from the rain-forest.

What two forms of water are found in a rain forest?

What two forms of water that you will find in a rain forest will depend on the type of rain forest. In a tropical rain forest you will find vapor and liquid.

How do animals depend on each other in a rain forest?

to get their prey

How do people in Africa depend on their environment?

they depend on the amazon rain forest so they are trying to do their best.

Where do echidnas get glucose from in the wild?

Echidnas are monotremes that primarily live in Australia. They use their sense of smell to find food and get glucose and other nutrients from ants and termites, among other things.

Why don't forest grow in the mid-western?

Forest don't grow in the mid-western because in the mid-western they don't get a lot of rain, and trees depend on rain to grow.

Does the rain forest depend on the sloth for anything?

Reforestation, from defacation and seed spilling when eating fruit.

Is the amazon rain forest the largest rain forest in the world?

Yes, the Amazon rain forest is the largest rain forest in the world

What and a tropical rain forest?

a rain forest

Does it rain in the rain forest?

yes it does rain in the rain forest that why it is call The rainforest

What kind of adaptations do animals in the rain forest have?

nothing the rain forest is gay nothing the rain forest is gay nothing the rain forest is gay

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