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Q: How does the relationship between the us and the soviet union evolve during the 1970's?
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Relationship between japan and the United States following world war 2?

In a bad relationship with the Soviet Union.

What was the relationship between soviet union and Czechoslovakia during cold war?

Czechoslovakia was a puppet state of USSR, led by a communist government. There was a chance of reformation to a more democratic country in 1968 which was however stopped by Soviet invasion that lasted till 1990s.

What happened to the relationship with the soviet union during World War 2?

It was uneasy and then caused the Cold War.

Why is US an example of detente?

Relations between US and Soviet Union during Cold War Relations between US and Vietnam during Vietnam war Soviet relations with PRC

Most accurately describes the relationship among the Allies during the Second World War?

Sometimes the Allies in World War 2 are referred to as co-combattants, given the uneasy relationship between the Soviet Union on the one hand and Britain and the US on the other other.

What impact did the construction of the Berlin Wall have on the relationship between the US and the Soviet Union?

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How did the division of Germany after world war 2 affect the relationship between the soviet union and the US?

Led to Cold War

Iraq and Iran are located where in relationship to the Soviet Union?

They are southwest of Russia (Soviet Union).

What was Chinas involvement in the Cold War?

Initially, China was a staunch ally of the Soviet Union, and sent thousands of troops to Korea during that war. However, the relationship between the two soured, and China even had border clashes with the Soviet Union. During the Nixon Administration, the president opened relations with China.

What was the conflict between the US and the soviet union during the four decades after world was 2?

The Cold War.

The relations between the Soviet Union and the US during much of the twentieth century was called?

The Cold War

Terms describes the reduction of tensions between the US and the Soviet Union during the Cold War?