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it start in the respiratory system then pass trouth the cardiovascular system throuth the nose and mouth then ......... it start in the respiratory system then pass trouth the cardiovascular system throuth the nose and mouth then ......... it start in the respiratory system then pass trouth the cardiovascular system throuth the nose and mouth then ......... it start in the respiratory system then pass trouth the cardiovascular system throuth the nose and mouth then ......... it start in the respiratory system then pass trouth the cardiovascular system throuth the nose and mouth then .........

2007-12-05 10:15:00
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How do the urinary respiratory and circulatory systems work together to remove wastes from the body?

The respiratory system aids in keeping the pH level stable throughout the body, as well as, increasing blood flow to the needed areas. The renal system is dependent on the proper amount of blood flow in order to work properly. Toxins and wastes in the blood stream are filtered through the kidneys and are excreted in the urine. If the renal system is not working properly the waste and toxins remain in the body.

When is wearing a mask most beneficial to a healthy respiratory system?

When there are a lot of toxins in the air such as when there is a fire or if you are at a debris field. It also helps when sweeping a dusty garage.

What will happen to you if you sniff toxins?

Destroy brain cells that may no longer regenerate. Damage nasal passage ways and other parts of your respiratory and nervous system.

Is volcanic ash poisonous?

It can contain toxins, but the main threat is from the direct physical damage it can inflict on the respiratory system. The ash actually consists of tiny shards of glass.

How the Urinary System interacts with the Circulatory System?

removes toxins from your system.

How is the human respiratory system damage by smog?

Smog can lead to asthma and other chronic related diseases. Smog is very harmful to people, breathing in harmful toxins and pollutants cant be good for you.

What system cleans the blood?

muscular system is the system that cleans the toxins out of the blood

Do pigs have toxins in their meat because they don't sweat?

Pigs have toxins in their meat because what they are fed. Toxins can be released by sweat or the digestive system.

Whooping cough which part of the body does it affect?

The bacteria attach to the cilia of the respiratory epithelial cells, produce toxins that paralyze the cilia, and cause inflammation of the respiratory tract.

What are some sentence with the word toxins?

The toxins were in her system, and the doctors had to save her quickly or she might die.

Why do humans have an excretory system?

it is there to take out toxins

What system shelters humans from threats such as diseases and toxins?

The immune system

What is the importance of the repiratory system?

The respiratory system has many functions: The major function of the respiratory system is to oxygenate the blood and to remove carbon dioxide. The respiratory system is also integral in acid base balance of body. When the blood becomes acidotic the lungs will increase their rate of breathing so that more carbon dioxide will be blown off(and therefore acid will be lost). If the blood is alkalemic than the lungs will decrease their rate of breathing so that carbon dioxide builds up and the acid in the blood increase. The circulatory system within the respiratory system is also important in removing specific proteins from the blood such as serotonin, bradykinin, prostaglandin, etc... It is also activates a hormone (angiotensin II) that is crucial in blood pressure control. The respiratory system under disease states will also help remove ammonia, ketones, and other toxins. Hope that helps

How do pigs excrete toxins?

A pig's digestive system does not filter out toxins, like most animals. The toxins work through the pig and deposit into their flesh and fat, never filtering out.

What are some functions of the lymphatic system?

it cleans out the system of harmful toxins and it protects from sicknes

How does the urinary system help the body?

Eliminates toxins from your body.

What are the functions of the organs of the urinary system?

elemination of toxins in your blood

What activities that can harm the nervous system?

trauma, toxins, and malnutrition.

Does smoking take vitamins out of your systems?

No, it pollutes your system with toxins.

Urinary and respiratory systems help the body to remove?

Both the respiratory and urinary systems remove waste and harmful toxins from the body. When we respire, or breathe, Carbon Dioxide is removed as this is not healthy for the body. Similarly, toxins, called urea, are removed in urine. As well as the build up of waste, called urea, salt and water is also removed.

How does weightlifting effect the respiratory system?

if you do a lot of running and cardio work then you have a healthy heart leading to a healthy respiratory system. but if you lift weights and hold your breathe during your repetitions then it is bad for you because your heart keeps pumping but you don't breathe and you keep harmful toxins inside your body. Not a big deal but still something to think about. make sure you inhale and exhale when your lifting, whether it is heavy or light.

What is the purpose of the cirulatory system?

The circulatory System is divided into three major parts:HeartBloodBlood Vessels: arteries, veins, capillariesThe purpose of the circulatory system is to carry blood to all parts of the body. No part of the body can live long without the oxygen and nutrients that the blood carries. As well, all parts of the body can become diseased if carbon dioxide and toxins build up in the blood and tissues. So, every millimeter of blood vessels performs critical jobs in keeping the body alive and healthy.

Why is burning plastic dangerous?

Burning plastic is dangerous because there are chemicals that can cause cancer and respiratory disease. These toxins are called dioxins and furans.

How can smoking cause emphysema?

the toxins destroy you lungs and immune system.

What is the function of the lymphatics system?

to clean harmful toxins and protect from sickness