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During a vigerous exercise your cells must create more energy, thus having to use oxygen, the circulatory system must transport this oxygen to other cells to create energy.

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There are many causes of respiratory problems. These include but are not limited to smoking, heredity, allergies, medication, foods, lung infections, vigorous exercise, and stress.

The patellar reflex is more vigorous after exercise.

I enjoy vigorous exercise like mountain climbing.

Vigorous exercise will make you perspire.

If the exercise is too vigorous, it can destroy cartridge. Extremely vigorous exercise, such as trying to break bricks with the side of your hand, can cause damage to bones. As a result, the recommended exercise to keep your cholesterol from clogging your arteries is low impact such as walking.

generally, no. but vigorous exercise can affect your cycle.

How often you exerciseHow vigorous your exercise itWeightBody fatSmokingDiet

Your doctor is the best source of that kind of information.

Roughly 60mins is enough per day of vigorous exercise

Since muscles are the part of the body that allows you to do vigorous exercise, they are generating quite a lot of heat. This is because the muscles are contracting, which then causes friction between adjacent muscle tissues.

Lack of exercise can contribute to depression, in terms of lower body confidence, less endorphins from vigorous exercise, and guilt from not exercising.

Yes, but some people say that the exercise shouldn't be too vigorous. Exercise can also help with any minor period pains as well.

mitochondria..because its the energy power house

It replenishes the electrolytes you lose while doing vigorous exercise.

they produce lactic acid which causes a burning sensation

Capillaries of the active muscles will be engorged with blood.

Muscle contraction and relaxation require salts which are lost through sweat during vigorous exercise. This causes some muscles particularly low in these materials to contract uncontrollably, creating a cramp.

Yes. If you're uncomfortable with vigorous exercises, do moderate ones...but you can.

Dehydration, in combination with vigorous exercise of the muscles involved, is the most frequent cause.

increased by heroin use and increased by vigorous exercise

Vigorous exercise program to restore muscle control

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