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respiratory system change with more exercise because it is related to our cardiovascular and respiratory system.when we do exercise our heart rate increases cardiac output increases and oxygen is more utilizing and more energy is required.These all cause effect on respiratory system

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By using our respiratory system more during exercise, exercising more can make us exchange gas with more efficiency.

Over time it makes your respiratory system more efficient.

Because our respiratory system is part of our breathing and we all breath faster when we do exercise because the oxygen needs to get to the muscles quicker. Exercise also makes you fitter, so you will see an improvement on the respiratory system because your breathing will be more controlable... Therefore exercise defently effects the respiratory system :)

Your breathing rate increases and you have to breath in more quickly or more deeply.

Exercise has different effects on respiratory system. The moment you start exercising you may experience shortness of breath as a result of the oxygen debt created. This means that your muscles are using up more oxygen that the lungs can supply.

The respiratory system is affected by exercise because when doing exercise the muscles need more oxygen and produce more carbon dioxide so the heart has to work quicker and you need to breathe faster and deeper to let the carbon dioxide exit quicker and the oxygen enter and be pumped around quicker.

running , rowing, swimming ,.. more or less anything that increases heart rate

Exercise strengthens your respiratory system, allowing oxygen to flow more efficiently to your body's organs and tissues. It also aids your circulatory system by strengthening your heart and allowing it to pump blood more efficiently.

The lungs are able to supply air to your cells faster which gives your cells more air for more ATP production. In all, the respiratory system is able to get rid of CO2 and thus allow your blood to be un-impaired

When you do cardio respiratory exercises, you enable more blod flow and you exercise the heart. The breathing in respiratory exercises also cleanse the breathe and helps you have more oxygen in the body.

We can protect our respiratory system by not smoking, doing more exercises and supplying our lungs with more fresh air.

it works harder to draw in as much oxygen as the heart pumps more blood to circulate faster.

The immediate effects are an increase in respiratory rate and cardiac output.The long term effects are a more efficient work, a lowering of the heart and respiratory rate at rest, a faster time reaction to sudden effort, more endurance, better blood oxygenation, higher threshold.

The respiratory system is working harder, the circulatory system is working harder, and the muscular system is working harder. All these systems need more oxygen as their workload increases.

During a vigerous exercise your cells must create more energy, thus having to use oxygen, the circulatory system must transport this oxygen to other cells to create energy.

No. The respiratory system of a bird is radically different from and more efficient than that of a mammal.

the respiratory system increases its intake depending on how much activity is being done having said that the more activity the more oxygen your cells need to maintain movement so that is the help you get from the respiratory system

the respiratory system in the human body helps humans breathe. that includes lungs, trachea, and more.

Respiratory System through so many wastage from body i.e carbon dioxide, and many more...

Exercise makes muscles and or fitness systems more efficient and more effective. So if you were to undertake exercise that worked the predominant muscles of the respiratory system, - namely the diaphragm and the intercostals- , then you would enable those muscles to take in and expel greater volumes of air in a given time. The exercise required would have to involve these muscles working through a full range of motion (Deep / heavy breathing) for a minimum amount of time (20 minutes).

Our respiratory system helps our body breathe and exhale CO2. It also has more to it if you want to go to any school website

The bird respiratory system does not mix exhaled air with inhaled air.

This is the best explanation I could gather. Hopefully, this helped you. The respiratory system is responsible for taking in oxygen and eliminating waste gases like carbon dioxide. Because dogs and cats do not sweat through the skin, the respiratory system also plays an important role in the regulation of temperature.

Regular effects of excerise is that your respiratory system will become stronger which will make the chest cavity larger. Since there is a larger chest capacity, there will be an increase in your vital capacity. Also, lots more capillaries will sourround your alveoli meaning gaseous exchange can happen more quickly and can be maintained at a higher intensity for longer. :)

I would say that there is definitely one main exercise to improve the respiratory system which is running. Running long distance greatly improves your cardiovascular and respiratory systems and also keeps your body in good working order. Although running is not for everyone and a few more exercises are swimming, cycling and any other activity that requires you to have endurance.

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