Respiratory System
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How does the respiratory system connect to any other body systems?

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What does the respiratory system do for other systems?

The respiratory system helps other systems!Like the Circulatory system!

What other systems connect to the respiratory system?

Directly- The circulatory indirectly- nervous best answer is circulatory

How does the respiratory system work with other systems?

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How does ther respiratory system work with other systems?

Respiratory system provides O2 to all other body systems , no life is possible with out O2 .

What other systems do the respiratory system work with?

Circulatory system

What other systems does the cardiovascular system work with?

The Respiratory System

What other systems do the urinary system interact with?

the respiratory system

How does the Respiratory System connect with these other systems?

in order for the other body systems to function properly,energy must be produced to provide the essential functioning of the other body is released when cells respire

What other systems work with the respiratory system?

The Digestive SystemThe Skeletal SystemThe Circulatory SystemThe Muscular SystemAnd The Respiratory System.

What other systems does respiratory system work with?

the respiretory system works with all other systems. there is not one that is not worked with.

What other system does the respiratory system depends on?

The Digestive and Circulatory systems.

Are there other body systems it cooperates with in the respiratory system?

The circulatory system..:)

How does the respiratory system work with other systems in the body?

The respiratory system works with almost all the other body systems in the human body. For Example: The respiratory system works with the nervous system because the brain tells the respiratory system when to breathe in or breathe out. The respiratory system works with the skeletal system, by allowing the skeletal system to protect the respiratory organs, like how the ribs protect the lungs.

Why is the respiratory system act like a boss to other body systems?

Because the other Organ systems help with important things, but the respiratory system is the most important because it is basically the breathing system. You need to breath to live, so, the respiratory system is the boss of all the other body systems.(Do not change this, it is the correct answer)

Which organ system contains the lungs other than the respiratory system?

The lungs are part of the respiratory and excretory systems.

All of a body's organ systems interact with each other How do the cardiovascular and respiratory systems interact?

The cardiovascular system transports the oxygen brought in by the respiratory system to other areas of the body.

What other body systems do the work with and why does the cardiovascular system with other systems?

The digestive, nervous, muscular, respiratory and integumentary systems all help the cardiovascular system.

How does the skeletal system connect to the other systems?


How does the lymph system connect to other body systems?

It connects to all systems

What body systems does the respiratory system work with?

The respiratory system works in conjunction with all other systems of the body, because the body cannot function without any of the systems. It interacts most closely with the circulatory system.

What other systems work with the muscular system?

The respiratory system, because it helps you breathe. :)

What systems help the respiratory system?

Most of the body systems work together somehow. All of the other five major systems help the respiratory system work at it's best. The circulatory system probably helps the most.

What is a human body systems?

The human body systems include the respiratory system, the skeletal system, the digestive system, and the immune system. Other systems include the integumentary system and the nervous system.

What system does the nervous system connect to?

The nervous system connects to all other systems of the body. It acts as the control center by telling the other systems what to do.

What other systems depend on the respiratory system?

All organic systems are entirely subjected and dependable on the respiratory and circulatory systems the same manner. The respiratory system has tho provide oxygen and nutrients to all body cells and all organs are constituted of cells.

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