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The rolling circle replication works through the reproduction of the nucleic acid. This will rapidly synthesize multiple copies of DNA in circular molecules.?æ

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What is difference between nuclear and mitochondrial DNA?

The basic difference between the nuclear DNA and the mitochondrial DNA is that the nuclear DNA is linear in shape while the circular DNA is present in the mitochondria. Apart from this, the mode of replication also differs in both of them. While the replication in the nuclear DNA is normal the replication in the mitochondria takes by rolling circle model.

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What are the 3 types of replication that early experimenters proposed?

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What has the author A I Tselikov written?

A. I. Tselikov has written: 'The theory of lengthwise rolling' -- subject(s): Rolling (Metal-work)

Does DNA replication always start at origin of replication?

yes and no yes because it can only start at the origin of replication (an initiator sequence) for a particular sequence, but no, because there are origins of replication located throughout the genome at which the initiator proteins and enzymes attach. The genome is huge, and there are multiple chromosomes which need to be replicated. one single replication site physically couldn't work with any efficiency.

Is DNA transcription another word for DNA replication?

i believe transcription is the copying of DNA and rna and replication is the actual work being done by everything in the cell to replicate

Do replication forks speed up replication?

Yes because it's called a "replication fork" for a replication.

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John Hunt Sloane has written: 'The development of the theory of metal rolling and its application to rolling mill control' -- subject(s): Rolling (Metal-work)

What is the DIFFERENCE between replication and repetition?

The difference between between replication and replication is that replication is the series of copies, and repetition is the series of repeats.

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Who first suggested a mode of replication for DNA?

Watson and Crick mentioned it slightly in their paper but didn't propose a full method of replication. a number of different people collaborated to work out the full model of replication which is still no totaly finished, (few proteins left to find)

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Is it DNA Copying or DNA Replication?


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