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How does the shape of the intestines help give your body the time it needs to absorb nutrients from the food you eat?

It is the anus

How does the shape of intestines help give your the time it needs to absorb nutrients from the food you eat?

The shape of the intestines has a very high surface area

How does the shape of an antibody affect its functioning?

The shape of an antibody affects its functioning by changing the way it can absorb nutrients through its body. This can make them more dangerous depending on the shape.

Which cell shape can absorb nutrients efficiently and quickly?

its choice 2 because it covers the most surface area

Size shape color of the small intestine?

The small intestine is about 3.5 of its own lenght,and the shape is irregular :)

How do small and large intestine compare in size and shape of a frog?

The small and large intestine compares in shape and size because the small intestine is 3.5 in lenght. The large intestine is 7 in lenght. :) :D

The shape of the large intestine?

The lage intestine is shaped like an upside L.

What upside letter is the shape of the large intestine?

An S is the upside down letter of the Intestine

The size and shape of the small intestine?


What is the shape of the large intestine?

its just a long intestine that's its just squashed in your lower body

Shape of large intestine?

The large intestine looks like an upside-down "U", with noticeable corners in it.

What is the shape of a frog intestine?

a backwards c then squiggly then a normal c then at the end its in the shape of a leaf

What are the 7 types of food nutrients used for?

There are use by the body as energy, for repairing, and to maintain the body in shape... example.. the body needs protein to repair muscle tissue.

Why is the intestine of a nematode in the shape of a flat ribbon?

Nematodes are large white, or pinkish-white, cylindrical roundworms, slightly narrower at the head. The intestine of a nematode is in the shape of a flat ribbon to aid in digestion.

Does steel absorb oils?

Steel does not absorb oils, unless shaped into an interesting shape like a steel drum.

What does your small intestine do during digestion?

The small intestine absorbs small food particles through micro villi (small finger-like tentacles that line the small intestine wall). The nutrients then go to the veins and is carried through the body by blood.The small intestine is also where most of the substrates bond with enzymes. This happens at warm temperatures, but not at hot temperatures, as temperatures of over 45 degrees celsius cause denaturing of the enzymes, so that they lose there shape and are unable to bond with the substrate. This happens in the same way that if you melted a jigsaw piece, it would no longer fit with the ones it was meant to.The small intestine absorbs nutrients during digestion.

Duodenum is the blank part of small intestine?

The beginning/upper tract of the small intestine where digestion begins. It is roughly the shape of a horseshoe.

S-shape structure of the large intestine?

Sigmoid colon

What are three ways to keep the digestive system in good shape?

* One way is to take enzymes before you eat. They help break down all your nutrients you absorb from eating properly. I prefer the brand Digest Gold.

What is the shape of the small intestine?

The shape of the small intestine is an irregular one. The organ twists and turns around between the stomach and the large intestine. A picture would be better than an explanation, so a link is provided to the Wikipedia article on this part of our anatomy. its like an upside down letter

What letter upside down is the large intestine a shape of?

get a pic of the large intestine and turn it upside down!! your answers right in front of u!!!!!

Does the shape of a sponge affect how much water it will absorb?

no it doesnt at all

What shape does a car have to be to go fast?

It needs to be in good shape.

What is the sigmoid colon?

The sigmoid colon is part of the large intestine in the human body. This part is the last part of the intestine that leads to the rectum in a S-shape.

What does the vacoule do in the cell?

Gives the cell nutrients and gives it shape