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It protects itself by using its great big wings to fly away from predators.

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Is a Snowy Owl an Endangered Species?

No they protect themselves by hiding in the snow The snowy owl is not an endangered species.

How can you do to protect the snowy owl?

dont kill it

How does a Snowy Owl protect itself?

It helps protect itself by its talons and beak to hit, snatch, bite, and snach whatever is trying to hurt it. Also it can fly away with its powerfull wings to get away from predatores

How can you help the snowy owl?

Stop hunting them, or donate to organizations that protect them.

Which owl is the rarest?

pch: snowy owl

How does a snowy owl defend itself?

well if its in a snow environment it will camuflouge

What is the difference of a snowy owl and a normal owl?

the snowy owl is white and the normal owl is brown.

Color of the snowy owl?

Snowy owl. -facepalm- you said it was SNOWY! Snowy-snow Snow- white.

Why is a snowy owl called an snowy owl?

because the color of its feathers is a snowy white

Is the snowy owl a animal?

Of course the snowy owl is an animal.

How does a rainbow owl protect itself?

with magic

How does an barn owl protect itself?

Has silent flightThis owl does not "hoot", it has a characteristic "shree" sound.If cornered will lay on back and protect itself with its talons.


Most countries protect birds of prey, including the US. The snowy owl is not an endangered species, however.

How does a snowy owl protect themselvs?

Their Powerful Talons and lesser their their sharp,hooked beak.

What is the class of the snowy owl?

The Snowy owl is from the Strigidae family, from the class Bubo

Is the snowy owl cold blooded or warm blooded?

is the snowy owl warm blodded or cold blodded? They snowy owl is warmblooded

How is the barn owl and the snowy owl the same?

No. The snowy owl is Nyctea Scandiaaca, and the barn owl is Tyto Alba.

What countries do snowy owl live in?

The snowy owl lives in the tundra.

Is the snowy owl endangered or threatened?

the snowy owl is an endangered species.

Why is snowy owl endangered?

Happily, the snowy owl is not an endangered species.

When does a female snowy owl pair with a male snowy owl?

in the spring

What does the snowy owl like?

the snowy owl likes to eat

What does the snowy owl do when winter comes?

When Winter comes, the snowy owl migrates

What are snowy owl babies called?

Snowy owl babies are called "owlets."

Why do they call a snowy owl a snowy owl?

Because of its white basic coloration.

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