How does the study of the frog contribute to the study of the human biology?


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When you study a frog you are studying a body. Just a frog body NOT a human body.

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Due to their similer internal functions, the study of frog has contributed to the study of human biology

Understanding the different systems of bodies

Cellular biology would cover cells of various kinds and their parts and how they work. Anatomy is the study of a body. This can be any kind: human, frog, cat, etc.

a frog....that's what it is

Students in biology learn how plants and animals live and grow. She fainted while dissecting a frog in biology class.

Human mouth belongs to a human and frog mouth belongs to a frog.

It probably means you are going to marry a prince (or princess, as the case may be).answer:The frog in this dream might refer to the classic fairy tale of the Frog Prince: an enchanted frog requires the kiss of a princess in order to be returned to his true human form.> On the other hand, the dream could simply express your reluctance to dissect a frog in your biology/anatomy class.

The human interactions of red-eye tree frog are typically small, and in some cases there may be none. If a frog and a human cross paths, the frog may be captured by the person. The frog may also adopt human territories, such as yards and areas around ponds, as its own.

The glottis in the frog is equivalent to the larynx in the human, atleast from what I know.

In my biology class we did an experiment with a frog.

There are ways in which a bird is more like a frog, and there are ways in which it is more like a human.

frog have croaca, But real human don't have it.

frog rbc is found in a frogs and human rbc is found in humans

A human's blood quality is better because it has more heart chambers than a frog does. A frog has 3 chambers and a human has 4

That would be "dissected". The student dissected a frog in his biology practical.

Yes, the frog is poisonous because of the way its biology works. It will be poisonous whether captive or free.

There are a few anatomical differences between the digestive system of a human and a frog. The first is that there are no villi in the small intestine of a frog. Frogs also have very weak teeth. The GI tract of the human and frog are also very different.

frog ears are drums and they are more sensitive

I used to be a frog but I took the leap and became a human.

The human heart pumps/ beats about 72 times per minute the frog heart only pumps 30-50 times a minute.human heart has 4 chambers and frog heart has 3 chamberType your answer here... FROG HEART IS THREE CHAMBERED WHILE HUMAN HEART IS FOUR CHAMBERED

Samuel Jackson Holmes has written: 'The biology of the frog'

the similarities of human and frog blood smear is that they are both bloods

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