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there is something which handles everything....there's invisible supreme power in the world.....

In terms of science, it is the nature of the nuclear reactions that power the Sun.

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Why do planets follow their own orbits as they revolve around the sun?

"Inertia" plus gravity (of the sun). Note that the orbits do change over time, but that in the last few billion years they have been quite stable.

What two physical processes balance each other to ensure that the Sun does not collapse?

The gravitational attraction (inwards) negates the fusion process (outwards). Essentially, there is an explosion and an implosion happening at the same point so the sun remains stable.

What does stay in orbit mean?

It means that an object remains in a stable orbit around a central object. For example the Earth stays in a stable near-circular orbit around the Sun although it is continuously moving at around 18 miles per second in a direction that is along the ecliptic and at right angles (approximately) to the direction of the Sun.

Why will the sun get hotter and hotter?

It wont, as the sun expands over time, the sun will become cooler and cooler.

It is time when sun is over head?

Of course. The sun is over head because the world could tilt towards the sun from your point of view. And it's not rare.

Who was Helios in The Odyssey?

Helios was the god of the sun. Over time, Apollo was given responsibility over the sun. Some myths keep Helios as the driver of the sun chariot.

What happens to the Earth's axis during each season?

Nothing happens to the Earth's axis between seasons, although it may get altered over millions of years. The moon tends to make the axis stable. The seasons are the result of Earths tilt, which remains the same as it rotates around the sun , pointing either the northern hemisphere or southern hemisphere directly toward the sun.

How much longer should the Sun remain in its stable stage?

The sun is expect to remain stable for another three billion years.

Is the distance from earth to sun increase or decrease?

The Earth travels in a slightly elliptical orbit around the sun, and as a result, it gets closer to the sun at some times of the year and farther from the sun at other times of the year, but the average distance to the sun, over the course of a year, remains the same.

Do lines of longitude have anything to do with measuring time?

yes... The longitude that the sun is directly over at any point in time is on average 15

What is found on the surface that proves the sun rotates?

Scientists were able to prove that the Sun rotates by observing the movement of sun spots over time.

Are white dwarfs hotter than the sun?

No, they start out cooler than the sun and will get progressively cooler over time.

Does North Korea have a stable government?

North Korea has two presidents. One's last name is the sung. Which is like sun. A sun is in the sky. A sky covers earth. Earth has governenment. The earth is stable, so North Korea has a stable government.

Why is Perth time behind Sydney time?

because the sun rises over sydney before Perth the sun rises from east to west so sydney gets the sun before Perth every day time of the day ia all to do with the sun

How does earth remains in orbit around the sun?

Earth remains in orbit around the Sun because the gravitational pull between the Earth and Sun is balanced by the centripetal reaction force, i.e. the angular acceleration, of the Earth's orbit.

Over millions of years is the Earth getting closer to the Sun or farther away from the Sun?

The Earth is getting very, very slightly farther away from the Sun over time, due to tidal forces.

How does the sun move in the sky over time?

It is not the sun that moves it is because we are orbiting the sun but when it looks like the sun is moving the earth is actually spinning at a very fastspeed.so the answer is the sun does not move we do we spin!!!

Is it day all over the world at the same time and night all over the world at the same time?

No, since our planet is spherical (ball-shaped) and we have only one sun, only half of the planet can be illuminated by the sun at any one time.

Why do they call it the land of the midnight sun?

Because during a certain time of the year, the sun shines all the time, including Midnight. Thus Land of the Midnight sun. 0roaraBecause during summer that part of the Earth is tilted so far towards the sun thet even at night the sun never dips below the horizon. It remains light throughout the night.

How has the sun changed over time?

Scientist says the sun has changed in 3 different ways, colour, size and distance.

What is the worst time of the day to be in the sun?

Probably at noon when the sun is directly over you unless it is a cloudy day. 10-2

Why does hair grow on the skin which is exposed to sun?

Ummm most of the time that is from genetics.... It could also be from over sun exposer.

What is the difference between sunrise and sunset?

Sunrise is the time at which the sun rises over the horizon and sunset is the time at which the sun sets below the horizon. It visually shows the change between the positions of the sun and earth.

Which force makes earth and sun stable in its orbit?

The force of gravity helps to keep the Earth and Sun stable in its rotation. Without gravity, the planets would float around knocking into each other or would travel too close to the sun.

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