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Q: How does the surface of still pond or puddle behave when light falls on it?
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The portion of a light ray that falls on a surface is?

The portion of a light ray that falls on a surface is incident ray.

The portion of a light ray that falls on a surface is a?

The portion of a light ray that falls on a surface is incident ray.

How does light behave when it reflects off a surface?

The light bounces of a surface and into your eye so you can see the object.

What is the reflection of light?

Reflection is the bouncing of light off the surface on which it falls.

When does the shadow of an object short?

When the line from the light source to the surface on which the shadow falls is perpendicular to that surface.

What happen when a ray of light falls perpendicular to the surface of mirror?

it reflects

What happen when a ray of light falls normally on a reflecting surface?

if ray of light falls normally ,it is reflected back along the same path

How does the moon get light from the sun?

When the sunlight falls on the surface of the moon, then moon reflect that light towards the surroundings and then this reflected light falls on our eyes and the we say moon is lightning.

Reflection of light in all direction?

When light falls on a plane polished surface,it changes its direction.This is called reflection of light.

Difference between reflection and refraction?

Reflection is bouncing back of light after falling on a polished surface while refraction is bending of light when it falls on a surface

How lights behave when it strikes in smooth and rough surface?

When light strikes a smooth surface (like a mirror), it is reflected. When it hits a rough surface (like a sheet of paper) it is diffused, meaning the rays of light are scattered.

What is the purpose the light dependent resistor?

This is a Resistors,who's resistance decrease when light energy falls on its surface gradually.

What is the light reflection?

The phenomenon of returning of light to the first medium .When it just falls on the surface of the second medium is termed as reflection of light.

How does light behave when it strikes a smooth surface?

It is reflected at the same angle to the normal. The normal is a line perpendicular to the surface.they break

How does light behave when it strikes a transparent object?

it behave crazy

What are the two factors that determine the light that falls on the surface of the earth?

The Sun's output, and the absorption by the Earth's atmosphere.

What is a puddle lamp?

A puddle lamp is a light on the bottom of a car door that illuminates the ground when the door is openned. It lets you see what you are about to step in when you exit the car, be it a puddle or whatever.

One difference between reflection and refraction of light waves is that?

reflection is when light its something like a mirror and refraction is light going through something solid that is not like a mirror when light falls on a surface and bounces back, it is reflection and when light is absorbed by the surface or passes through the surface but does not bounces back, it is refraction.

How does light behave in a kaleidoscope?

light is bended and distorted.

What Is The Natural Source Of A Visible Light Wave?

a puddle or a rainbow

Why does swimming pool like deeper than it really is?

This is because the light that falls upon the water surface does not continu in the same direction as it hit the surface: the light refracts. Since the light is refracted along the water surface, the light travels a larger distance, giving rise to the perception of a larger depth.

How does the smoothness of a surface affect the reflection of light that falls on it?

Only a perfectly smooth surface can produce a clear reflection - i.e. a mirror. The less smooth (rougher) the surface the blurrier the image.

How does light behave when reflected?


Why a Puddle of water shows with a rainbow effect on pavement?

This is an example of thin-film interference. Oil on the pavement floats to the water's surface, forming an extremely thin film. Light waves reflected from the front and back surfaces of the film interfere, amplifying a particular light wavelength (color) for each particular film thickness. The rainbow pattern is formed by gradual changes in film thickness across the puddle surface.

Why does a white page not reflect like a mirror?

it reflects all of the light that falls on it. To act as a mirror the surface needs be smooth.