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Q: How does the thorny devil behave?
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What is the thorny devil's learned behavior?

The thorny devil is an Australian lizard is a lizard that behaves as one might expect a lizard to behave, save for one major thing. Thorny devils use landmarks to find their way around.

Human affect on the thorny devil?

It damage the thorny devil.

Is the thorny devil an invertebrate or a vertebrate?

A thorny devil is a vertebrate

How many babies does a thorny devil have?

a thorny devil has 100 babys

Is te thorny devil a mammal?

The thorny devil isn't a mammel

What ecosystem does a thorny devil live in?

A thorny devil ecosystem is the desert

What is the male thorny devil called?

There is no specific name for a male thorny devil.

What eats a thorny devil?

what eats a desert lizard called the thorny devil

Is there an order to the Thorny Devil?

Yes. The Thorny devil belongs to the order Squamata.

What are some differences between the thorny devil and the Tasmanian devil?

the thorny devil is a lizard and the tasmanian devil is sort of a dog. also the tasmanian devil lives in tasmania and the thorny devil lives in south australia

What is the weight of a female thorny devil?

the average weight of the female thorny devil is 95g.

What is the thorny devil covered in?

The thorny devil's body is covered with sharp protuberances, or spikes.

Is the thorny devil nocturnal?

no, the thorny devil is diurnal because it is active during the day.

How match does a thorny devil cost?

a thorny devil cost 90 to 1,000 dollars

Do thorny devil eat humans?

the thorny devil does not eat humans but can do some bad things to you

What is the population of the thorny devil in Australia?

As the thorny devil is not endangered, there are no accurate figures available on its population.

What is the height of a thorny devil in the desert?

Australia's thorny devil is only a couple of centimetres in height.

Is a thorny devil a vertebrate or invertebrate?

The thorny devil is a vertebrate, just as all reptiles are vertebrates.

Can the thorny devil hibernate?

no it can not

Is a thorny devil a mammal?


What is the thorny devil population?

As the thorny devil is not endangered, there are no accurate figures available on its population. Websites that state the thorny devil is endangered, with around 1000 reptiles remaining, are incorrect.

How does a Thorny devil breathe?

Thorny devils breathe using lungs. The thorny devil is a reptile, and all reptiles breathe using lungs.

How does the Thorny devil attack?

the thorny devil attacks by warping it up with its long tounge and then spits acid on it.

How much does it cost for a thorny devil license?

i am thinking of getting a thorny devil but don't know how much it will be.

What habitat does a Thorny Devil have?

The habitat of the Thorny devil is the desert and semi-arid outback regions of Australia.