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The rapid explosive like reaction of the water bursting outwards causes the white coloration.

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2012-01-05 01:08:31
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Q: How does the water inside a popcorn kernel make the popcorn white on the outside?
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Is there really water in popcorn kernels?

All popcorn contain a small amount of water. When the popcorn gets heated the water inside the popcorn kernel turns to steam. The steam then starts to pressure the kernel shell and soon bursts making the kernel inside out, and the soft stuff inside the kernel puffs.

How does popcorn pop in a pan on a stove?

Popcorn pops period because in the kernel (ker-nelle) or nut, there is water.So when the heat or fire touches the water inside the kernel,the water creates pressure and the kernel turns inside out which creates what we Americans now call popcorn.

What is the percentage of water in a popcorn kernel?

the percent of water in a popcorn kernel is 29.32%

Why does heat cause popcorn to pop?

Each kernel has water in the middle. The heat causes the water to expand, basically turning the kernel inside out.

When popcorn is heated over a flame the kernel burst open Why does this occur?

The air and water vapor inside the kernel is expanding.

Does storage effect popcorn from popping?

i think yes because popcorn can only be popped very well in heat so the water in the kernel can make the kernel go inside out.

How do popcorn kernels pop?

The inner kernel has a very tiny amount of water inside, when that is heated it expands and POP goes the kernel.

What affects popcorn popping?

Popcorn pops because inside of each kernel there is a small amount of water. When the popcorn is heated it steams up inside which causes an explosion, which of course as we know, makes popcorn.

Does popcorn expire?

Yes, if the water inside each kernel drys up, it won't pop.

What batch of popcorn kernels would produce more popcorn a batch of kernels soaked in water or a somewhat dried out batch?

I wouldn't advise soaking your popcorn. Popcorn "pops" because 1) there's water INSIDE the kernel and 2) there's a hard shell to hold the water in. Together, these make it possible to build up STEAM inside the kernel until it bursts the shell, effectively turning the kernel inside-out, puffing it up in the process.

What causes popcorn to pop when heated?

As popcorn is heated, the water content inside the hull of the kernel converts to steam, which tries to expand. This presser from the expanding steam ruptures the hull of the kernel.

The change in a popcorn kernel to popcorn changes a liquid to what state of matter?

When a popcorn kernel pops water in the kernel goes from the liquid phase to the gas phase.

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