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99.9% of the problems associated with headlight problems for you guys is NOT related to the nylon gear failure! You guys are fortunate in that your problem can likely be fixed with less than a buck's worth of supplies from a common place such as Home Depot or any hardware store. In the 4th gens, the shaft which turns to raise and lower the headlight is connected to the gear via a rubber piece which sets in the gear itself or, in the case of brass gears with no rubber, the shaft is actually connected via tabs to the brass gear. In the 3rd generation Firebirds, this actual physical connection doesn't exist. Instead, in each light are located three hard "pucks". These pucks provide the mechanical connection between the nylon gear and the shaft which raises or lowers the headlight. Over time, these pucks will actually disintegrate into small granules and dust! The very good news for you guys is these pucks are nothing special. You can use just about anything you can get your hands on that is the proper size and will fit in the areas these three pucks "used" to be located at. I recommend using a thick rubber hose or tubing of the proper diameter and length (1/2" outside diameter and about 1/2" in length) but I have heard of one guy who didn't want to go out and buy anything but had a hot glue stick laying around so sliced off some pieces of that instead! I don't recommend that though since I don't know how long the glue stick will last in there :) Instead, slice three 1/2" pieces off your hose/tubing and drop them in place where your pucks used to be located. Once you do this you can put your light back together and you'll be good to go! Total cost for this fix is about $0.12 or there abouts :)

take out your headlight motor and open it up. If you see a bunch of dust and granules in there you will probably also find your gear to be just fine and all you need to do is perform the fix I mention above. Good luck and consider yourself lucky you don't have the expense the 4th generation guys have!

I found this thru a website and just cut and pasted it for everyone to use. I am going to try it this weekend and I hope it helps you. The website is Good luck, hope I helped

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Q: How does the wiring work for pop-up headlights in a 1986 Pontiac Firebird?
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