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It rises because when thermal engery is in the balloon it makes an expansion that makes the balloon fly

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Q: How does thermal expansion make a hot-air balloon rise?
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How does thermal expansion make a hot air balloon rise?

It rises because when thermal engery is in the balloon it makes an expansion that makes the balloon fly

What make a hotair balloon go up?

Hot air goes into the balloon. sense the air is so hot, it pushes the balloon off the ground and floats in the air!

Why would heating the gas in air balloon make the balloon rise?

Heated gas has a lower density than environmental air.

How would you make a balloon get the maximum elevation it can get?

Make the balloon capable of further expansion. That way as the balloon rises and the barometric pressure falls the balloon can expand and allow its internal gases to achieve a constantly decreasing density.

How could you use thermal expansion to help get a tight lid off a jam jar?

Heat the metal lid (but try not to heat the glass jar as much) and the thermal expansion will make the lit easier to screw off (I do this often by running the lid under hot tap water).

How does a thermostat make use of a thermal expansion?

Thermal expansion is used in thermostats, or heat-regulating devices.

What are the properties which make mercury suitable for clinical thermometer?

Its a liquid at room temperature and it has a high rate of thermal expansion and contraction(changes volume with temperature).

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How do you make a balloon from scratch?

there is no way to make a balloon from scratch, but you could use a subsitute for a balloon insted. maybe a plastic bag?

How do you calculate compression of metals if they cooled under -73 degree temperature?

Either the question is misworded, or more information is needed. Compression implies load; in order for a peice of metal to be loaded by a temperature change, it would need to be rigidly restrained by something with a different coefficient of thermal expansion. If you mean what is the dimensional change, that is answerable. It is as follows: (original size) X (coefficient of thermal expansion) X (temperature difference) = (change in length) You need to look up the coefficient of thermal expansion, and make sure you get the units right: /°C or /°F

How do you make a balloon powered airplane?

first take paper and make your glider attach a balloon