Thunderstorms and Lightning

How does thunderstorm relate to water cycle?

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How does the water cycle relate to a biome bottle?

The Water Cycle and the biome Bottle relate do to the fact the Biome uses the Water Cycle to support it.

How does the water cycle relate to humans?

with out the water cycle we woulden't be alive

How does the water cycle relate to hurricanes?

It includes water

How does water vapour relate to the water cycle?

After evaporation, water gets converted into water vapor. This is the first step of water cycle.

How do the coastal feature relate to the water cycle?


How does thunderstorm frequency relate to proximity to large bodies of water?

Thunderstorms are infrequent along the west coast.

How does permeability relate to the water cycle?

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How do phase changes relate to the water cycle?

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How does the water cycle relate to the conservation of matter?

Water cycle returns matter(water) back to earth. As matter can neither be created nor be destroyed.

How much water can a thunderstorm hold?

The amount of water depends on the size of the thunderstorm, and the concentration of water in the thunderstorm.

What is the process that allows water to return to earth from the sky?

water cycle, precipitation, condensation, rain, snow, hail, dew, blizzard, thunderstorm, etc.

What is the difference between a water cycle and a tornado?

The water cycle is the process of evaporation, precipitation (rain, snow, etc.) and runoff by which water cycles through the environment. A tornado is a violently rotating and destructive column of air produced by a thunderstorm.

How does the formation of a hurricane relate to the water cycle?

Hurricanes are formed by the evaporation of moisture from the ocean and return water to the surface in the form of rain.

What is the relationship between a thunderstorm and a hurricane?

Thunderstorms form in cumulonimbus clouds. Hurricanes create cumulonimbus clouds. Also, they both have to do with the water cycle.

What is multicell thunderstorm?

A thunderstorm that consists of many interacting thunderstorm cells. Each cell might be in a different stage of it's life cycle, so it could last for hours.

How do glaciers fit in the hydrologic cycle?

The way in which glaciers fit into the hydrologic cycle is by being able to hold a lot of frozen water. They also relate to the rock cycle in that they cause major erosion.

How does the monthly moon cycle relate to the height of tides?

The moons gravity pulls water closer or farther away

How does the rock cycle relate to the principle of uniformitarianism?

The rock cycle is a geologic process

How does fossil fuels relate to the carbon cycle?

They relate because there ar both gasses

How does cancer relate to cell cycle?

it doesnt

What part During the life cycle of a thunderstorm which stage is characterized predominately by downdrafts?


What causes a thunderstorm?

A thunderstorm is a cloud formation where large amounts of water undergoes a cycle of condensation, freezing then revaporizating as the currents of vapor within the cloud rises and falls. This produces static electricity which discharges as lightning. Thunderstorms are caused by a collision of warm air and cold air.

How does the water cycle relate to the atmosphere of Earth?

When water evaporates, it forms clouds in the upper trophosphere, the part of the atmosphere we live in. Also, water vapor makes up a part of the atmosphere, which is why water condenses on your window.

What is the name of water movement between Earths surface and the atmosphere?

water cycleWater cycle!the water cycle.The water cycle

Why is thair water in the water cycle?

Water is regulated in water cycle. Hence, water is involved in water cycle.