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In simple terms, the neurons in brain tissue have been damaged or compromised. This means that some or many functions of the brain require more effort -- sometimes with little success -- to do tasks. This can involve a lifetime of re-learning; variables for success are so numerous as to require extensive diagnosis and eventual treatment. A book helpful to laypersons is "Through This Window: Views on Traumatic Brain Injury", author P. I. Felton of Belfast, Maine.

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Q: How does trauma change a persons brain?
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Which allowed the structure and function of his brain cells to change to adjust to the trauma?


Use trauma in a sentence?

there was blunt trauma to the brain.

Why is trauma to the base of the brain often much more dangerous than trauma to the frontal lobes of the brain?

Trauma to the base of the brain can damage or sever the brain's connection to the spinal column, also damaging or destroying the parts of the brain at the bases of the brain (I forget the names for these parts of the brain) causing paralysis or even death. Trauma to the frontal lobes can bring about loss of self-determination and violent tendancies, as the 'lobotomies' performed on those persons (considered criminally insane or violent, and a danger to themselves or the public) that took place in the last century. The base of the brain contains the brainstem - which controls vital processes such as respiratory drive, for example. Trauma to this area can paralyze one's respiratory drive and result in quadriplegia and even death.

What is loss of memory?

brain trauma

How long can a person live with brain trauma?

It depends on the brain trauma, if it is deep and penetrating then chances are slim, could be thirty minutes to four hours, to several weeks; if it is blunt it could be fifty-fifty, it depends on several factors. No matter how much medicine tries to learn and do to help one recover from brain trauma there is no golden or set rule for this kind of phenomenen, just like each person has a different personality, each persons brain responds differently to pressure and injury. :-D

How do you get brain damage?

Brain damage, can result from trauma to the head following an accident.

What are the release dates for Nova ScienceNow - 2005 Brain Trauma?

Nova ScienceNow - 2005 Brain Trauma was released on: USA: 30 July 2008

What causes brain damage?

Brain damage, can result from trauma to the head following an accident.

What are brain damage caused by?

Trauma to the head or a stroke

After trauma pupil is constricted?

Non-responsive pupils are often a sign of brain trauma, and are usually a sign of a concussion.

Why is trauma to the base of the brain is often more dangerous than trauma to the frontal lobes?

i give up, why? is this is a riddle?

Explain why trauma to the base of the brain is often much more dangerous than trauma to the frontal lobes?

Trauma to base of brain damage the medulla oblongata, which contains vital respiratory, cardiac, and vasomotor centers. Also, the reticular activating system, maintains consciousness, spans length of brain stem.

What causes swelling in the brain?

Swelling of the brain if often caused by the brain hitting the cranium due to blunt or direct trauma.

What is damage to the brain called in a medical context?

Cerebral Trauma

What causes Punctate lesions in white matter of the brain?


What is epilipsey?

Epilepsy is a disorder of the brain that causes a person to go into seizures repeatedly over that persons lifetime. It is when trauma or some kind of brain damage effects the brain tissue and causes the brain to become excitable and jumpy. This causes signals that are not normal which makes that person go into convulsions, or seizures. If a person has only one seizure, it is not epilepsy.

Explain why trauma to the base of the brain is much more dangerous than trauma to the frontal lobes?

Trauma to the base of the brain in more dangerous then trauma to the frontal lobes because of the importance of the structures located there. The Medulla Oblongata is responsible for regulating the autonomic functions in the body such as breathing, heartbeat, and regulating blood pressure.

Does brain trauma injury produce necrosis or apoptosis brain cell damage?

Brain trauma can lead to cell death, necrosis. Apoptosis is planned cell death, like under fetal development, so never leads to this option.

What are some symptoms of brain trauma injury?

Brain trauma injury can have wide ranging physical and psychological effects, some of these symptoms include, headaches, dizziness or loss of balance, nausea or vomiting.

What is blunt force brain trauma?

When you are hit hard enough in the head the your brain moves in the skull and hit the side

How would you define brain death?

When no brain activity is being recorded by an EEG or when the amount of trauma makes it obvious.

What do you do if your dogs got brain trauma?

Replace them for cats. Cats are peaceful creatures, and won't get brain traumas. JW70

When the body is subject to physical trauma such as in an automobile accident which organs are the most vulnerable to injury homeostatic imbalance?

I believe that the kidneys, brain, and lungs are most vulnerable to accidental trauma, but the heart, kidney, brain, eyes would be more open to direct trauma, such as a strike or directional impact.

What is the difference between brain damage and brain injury?

The difference is that one can have a brain injury and not have brain damage. Essentially, brain damage is caused by injury or trauma to the brain. However, not every injury to the brain will cause brain damage.

Will you die if there is trauma to your brain stem?

If there is serious trauma to the medulla oblongata, a part of the brain stem, you could likely die. This is because the medulla oblongata controls many vital functions such as breathing and heart rate.