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How does using steroids lead to strokes and heart attacks?


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November 05, 2010 9:44PM

What do steroids do? They increase your muscle strength and size. What is your? a muscle. What does steroids do to your body? Makes it larger increasing the stress on you're heart to pump the blood. That's why most over sized people die of some kind of heart disease. The heart can only take so much the bigger you are the harder your heart has to work.

Not too mention also that steroids also messes with your hormone level. Meaning your hair and teeth will die and fallout prematurely. Oh, yeah if you're a guy your balls will shrink, if you're a girl get use to that black thick hair that you had little of before and now have to shave weekly or daily.

They aren't worth it you risk all that for what a few muscles that are going to turn into fat anyway. If you're lazy enough to do put the work in to get that big in the first place, you're probably just as lazy to keep it in place.