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How does war help the economy?


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In times of war manufacturing is usually increased, so defense contractors, and other contractors can create jobs, and make money. In addition the soldiers are employed by the government so it can help decrease unemployment.


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Negatively war generally does not help the economy

world war one helped the us economy because we befitted from Germany's war reparations

The Civil War helped the Northern Economy because it created a boom in clothing, ammunition, and other industries.

World War 2 destroyed the economy of Europe. The Marshall Plan was setup in order to help rebuild Europe.

World War I brought facilities into the state. Facilities brought federal dollars into the state and stimulated the local economy.

To help allies and establish stable economy and political conditions

WWII affected Itlay greatly when it came to their economy. WWI had already sent their economy to the pits and the second world war didn't help this at all.

In the Northern states, the economy expanded and progressed after the US Civil War. Because of the Federal governments creation of helping expand the railroads and providing grants of land to new settlers in the West, helped expansion. The manufacturing of the US that had advanced in order to help the war effort, remained and continued to help the Northern economy. The South, however, did not participate in the economic boom of the North. Their economy was destroyed by the war, and did not recover what it had in 1860 until many decades later.

That it was wrong and should be stoped it did nothing to help the economy

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The U.S. gave japan $3.5 billion for Japan's factorys.

It wrecked the Confederate economy and starved the troops in the field.

as a student i can help the economy by researching the problems of each and giving them an equivalent answer

What were the results of the Civil War on southern society economy agriculture and political structure?" Even if you can't offer a complete answer, help us get things started.

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Their Economy Flourished.

The Northern economy wasn't as badly hurt by the war as the economy of the South.

Entrepreneurs help the economy by stimulating consumer spending and creating jobs.

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the war in Europe help the U.S by boosting our economy. this happended because when all of the men went over to fight the women had to take over th jobs and this made the economy rise back

The South had developed a more balanced economy after the civil war

They believed the Us should not be involved in Vietnam's Civil War, the US should be spending their money to help their own economy, not on Vietnam's.

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