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Water dissolves when evaporation takes place. The sun heats down on the water making the water dissolve in the air. It is all part of the Water Cycle.

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A substance that does not dissolve?

- Sand does not dissolve in water- Plastic does not dissolve in water- metals do not dissolve in water

Why aniline dissolve in alcohol but not dissolve in water?

aniline dissolve in alcohol but not dissolve in water

Does iodine dissolve in water?

NO iodine can not dissolve in water but it can dissolve in benzene

What solids dissolve that do not dissolve in water?

The solids that dissolve but do not in water are coffee and tea.

Do lipids dissolve in water?

No. Lipids do not dissolve in water.

Why do things dissolve in water?

They dissolve by sinking in to the water.

Solids that dissolve in water?

Tablets dissolve in water

Does hydrogen dissolve in water?

No, Hydrogen does not dissolve in water

Can hydorgen sulfide dissolve in water?

it can dissolve in water

Does surf dissolve in water?

Yes, It Does Dissolve in water.

Does soap dissolve in water?

No, soap does not dissolve in water

Does water and salt dissolve?

No, but salt does dissolve in water.

Does mixture dissolve in water?

mixture dissolve in a water

Does water dissolve salt?

does salt dissolve in water

Do hydrocarbons dissolve in water?

Hydrocarbons do not dissolve in water.

Can a tissue dissolve in water?

No tissue can not dissolve in water

Does not dissolve in water?

Lipids for one do not dissolve in water.

Why is water able to dissolve anything?

Water CAN'T DISSOLVE EVERYTHING. it can't dissolve metal and water can't dissolve oil nor mix with it, how old are you! So water can't dissolve everything.

What can dissolve water?

Water is evaporated by heat. You can dissolve something in water.

Is clay dissolve in water?

Clay disintegrates in water, but it does not dissolve in water.

Will alcohol dissolve in water?

Yes, it will dissolve, because Alcohol is miscible in water (it will dissolve in water in any proportions)

Does salt dissolve in tap water?

Yes it does dissolve in tap water. It can really dissolve in any water.

How can water dissolve rocks?

Water can dissolve rocks because the water will slowly soften up the rocks and then after a while the rocks will eventually dissolve, they dissolve because they are in water for a while and then they will wear off and dissolve slowly.

How does a Lifesaver dissolve in water?

The thing about that is that the lifesaver has chemicals that dissolve in water therefore causing it to dissolve.

Does calcium chloride dissolve in water?

yes it does dissolve in water