Erosion and Weathering

How does water erode rock?

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Water does not melt rocks; rocks melt at temperatures that would long ago have boiled water. However, water can help erode rocks because when water freezes into ice, it expands. As a result, when water gets into cracks in the rock surface and subsequently freezes, the expansion pressure breaks the rocks into smaller pieces.

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== == Rain water contains carbonic acid which slowly dissolves rocks, especially the carbonate variety, such as limestone. Moving water carries small rock particles to larger and larger bodies of water, until they may end up in the ocean as silt, clay, and sand. Water freezing in the cracks of rocks acts like a jack, prying the rocks into smaller and smaller pieces. And water acts as a chemical catalyst, dissolving elements from rock and carrying them away as described above. Frozen water in the form of glaciers can scour a landscape of earth, rocks, and everything else in its path.

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What forces can erode rock?

some forces that can erode rock are wind, water, plants, and other rocks.

What type of rock is water proof?

no rock is water proof if a rock get hit with water it does erode so no rock is water proof

How can water and gravity work together to erode soil sediment and rock?

how can water and gravity work together to erode soil, sediment, and rock

How does weather affect rock?

The freezing and thawing of water can break rock. If the water has acid in it, it can erode water in rocks such as limestone.

How do you put erode in a sentence?

erode is a noun. Wind and water erode rock. past tense- eroded The Colorado River eroded the Grand Canyon

How does a waterfall erode?

They water that flows over the edge takes rocks which erode the softer rock away. This normally undercuts the hard rock which eventually collapes.

How long does it take for water to erode a rock?

It would depend on the amount of water, how fast the water is going, and the size and hardness of the rock.

What are things that erode weathered rock?

things that erode weathered rock

How can water erode materials?

Water seeps into cracks and breaks apart the rock or water rubs the side of the rock that is exposed and breaks off pieces of the rock.

How does temperature change erode rock?

If water is caught in cracks in the rock and it freezes it expands. This causes the rock to chip off.

What bodies of water erode and move enormous amounts of soil and rock?


How does water erosion affect the appearance of rocks?

Water Erosion could erode away parts of rock.

How does water erode a canyon?

water erodes a canyon by carrying sediment from the rock walls down the river

How can ice erode rock?

Ice can erode by ice wedging

What property of water allows it to form sinkholes?

It's ability to weather and erode rock.

Does heat and metamorphism cause rock to weather and erode?

No because it is rain and running water.

How do glaciers erode rock?

sedimentary rock

What body of water can cause a rock to weather?

he constant movement of water anywhere causes rocks to erode and weather.

How does water and ice erode rock?

by dissolving it, by getting into cracks and freezing, and by simple friction (wear).

What are the affect of weathering on rock?

The rock will erode and change

Can wind ever erode solid rock?

yes wind can erode rocks

How does water erode earth?

The water and the sediments within the water "collide" with the shore(sand, rock etc.) and the water eats away at the (sand, rock etc.) and the sediments hit the (sand, rock etc.) and basically the (sand, rock etc.) breaks into the water, then gets broken down.

How does normal rain effect the weathering of a rock?

This slowly, over time, erodes the rock. Any type of water flowing (in your case, raining) causes erosion. Heavy, intense rainstorms would erode it faster, but and type of rain fall WILL erode away rock.

Can air weather a rock?

the force of air can erode a rock

Can a harder rock erode more quicker then a softer rock?