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How does water or air get into the fuel line?


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2015-07-15 19:17:38
2015-07-15 19:17:38

Fuel lines can get contaminated by particles in the gas that attract moisture. The moisture forms in the gastank when there are temperature differences (cold at night, hot during the day)and when there is a lot of moisture, it can get in your fuel line, and eventually in your engine. That'll stop your engine running if there is too much of it. What you can do (what they do with outboard engines on boats) is install a second fuel filter, which acts as a water trap, or you can drain your tank, or you can buy a fuel drying agent... ask your garage or car accessories shop. They can probably help. Good luck.


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There is no air in line Fuel pump pressursizes line and air automatically bleeds from the injector Not enough fuel or pressure will cause rough start

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Ethamax is the best choice if you want to remove water out of a fuel tank and fuel system, you can find the product at use a air compressor to blow all the fuel/water out then reconnect the lines and start the truck.

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Air can be bland from the diesel fuel system on a Isuzu D-Max 3.0 engine by hooking an air compressor to the fuel line. Loosen the fuel line at the other end of the engine. The air will be removed.

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Disconnect the fuel line at both ends, removed the fuel filter if it is an in-line filter, and blow the line out with an air hose from a compressor.

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You should never had to "bleed" a fuel filter. Any air in the fuel line should come out as the fuel pump pushes fuel through the line and filter to the carburetor. There will always be some air or open space in the filter.

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