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How does water produce electricity?


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May 30, 2015 1:24AM

The principal way that water is used in electricity production is at hydroelectric power stations. Moving water falls though turbines to spin them. The turning turbine shafts power generators which produce power.

Hydroelectric power plants capture the energy of flowing water. Water from a fast flowing stream is run through a turbine, a thing like a giant fan. The turbine spins because of the push of the water. This turning rotates a generator, which is like a huge magnet. As the magnet turns inside a coil of wire, electricity is made.

Hydroelectric power creates electricity through the spinning of turbines through the gravity of the water. The turbines spin magnets in between 2 other magnets, and the moving magnetic fields create currents in nearby electric wires which are than put thought transformers and sent out to consumers.