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Water molecules stick together because of the electrical charges in the water create a bond.

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Why can a penny hold so much water?

If you mean why does the water drop grow so large on top of a penny, the answer has to do with the surface tension of water. Water "likes" to stick together, so it pulls inward and keeps tightly attached to each molecule. This allows a large droplet to grow before it runs off.

Can water clean a penny?

Nope. Stick a penny in some coke or pepsi (Coke preferred) and wait like an hour or two (im not sure maybe a day if you don't see any progress) and voila! A really clean penny.

Why does a penny hold water?

sit the glass of water on the penny

Would a penny in water float on the moon?

a penny sinks in water because the penny is denser than water,so even if the penny is on the moon,its density is still larger than water,and the penny would still sink.

Does a penny stick to a magnet?

NO magnets arent attracted to copper

How far should a needle protrude from tattoo gun if its for shading?

Stick a penny next to the tip and push down on the contact spring. The needle should stick out the same as the width of the penny

Which object has the greatest density a ping-pong ball a penny water or a duck?

Penny. Put the ball, duck and penny in water. Only the penny sinks.

Can a penny float on water?

no. a penny can not float on water. only a feather can do that, i think. sorry!

How much water can a penny hold?

It depends on what you used to put the water on the penny and how far your holding the tool in the air away from the penny

Does a us silver dollares stick to a magnet?

No. No genuine US coin other than the 1943 steel penny will stick to a magnet. If you have a US coin that sticks to a magnet other than the steel penny, it is a counterfeit.

Why would a penny sink in a river?

A penny would sink in a river because a penny is made mostly of zinc, which is heavier than water. Because the penny is heavier than water, it sinks.

What water will make a penny rust?

regular water will make a penny rust.. it takes a while though

What can a penny hold most water or honey?

I think that water can hold the penny more than honey

What was the cost of candy in 1940?

Back in my day, you could get a licorice stick for a penny.

Does a real 1943 copper penny stick to a magnet?

No. Copper is not attracted to a magnet.

How do you tell if its a 1943 war penny?

Other than the DATE it will stick to a magnet.

Can a penny float in salt water?

A penny as everyone I'm sure knows cannot float in regular water. As for salt water a penny should in theory not be able to becase the regular pennys bouancy is not great enough to support the weight of the penny regardless of the salt to water ratio. A penny is too dense to be able to float in salt water, regardless of the salinity of the solution.

Will a copper penny stick to a magnet?

No. Copper is not a magnetic metal. But you knew that already because you tried using a magnet on an ordinary penny, correct?

When a bubble is on a penny when it bursts why does all of the water fall off?

That is due to the property of cohesion - a substance's ability to stick to itself. Water is very cohesive, so when one part of a droplet moves, so does the rest.

What happens to a penny in salt water?

Nothing necessarily happens to the penny.

Why does a penny rust faster in salt water?

why dose a penny rust faster in salt water than in vinegar

Why does a penny hold so much water?

A penny is a solid, flat object and does not hold much water at all.

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