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Wireless equipment transmits the data using radio waves. The frequencies vary depending on the specific equipment being used. Most modern wireless routers and cards are capable of 10mb+ speeds.

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Q: How does wireless LAN work?
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Working principles of Wireless LAN?

working principle of wireless lan

What is ralink rt2860 wireless lan card?

it is a wireless lan card

What describes wireless LAN?

If you mean, "What is a wireless LAN?" The answer is simple. A wireless LAN is a network that connects multiple computers, gaming consoles, and gaming devices and allows them to connect to the internet, but only if they are capable of using wireless. Wireless LAN is achieved by using a wireless router. LAN stands for Local Area Network.

What is a extension of a wake on lan that works with wireless networks?

Wake on Wireless LAN

What is difference between wired and wireless LAN?

A wired lan uses wires to connect the computers, a wireless lan uses radio waves.

How do you enable the wireless lan on in psp 2000?

On top of your PSP is an switch for wireless lan. Just switch it.

What should an organization consider deciding wireless LAN technology?

range and security (802.11n Wireless LAN)

where the wireless LAN of PSP street e1003?

It has no wireless hardware inside, so cannot connect to a LAN.

Why did wireless replace LAN?

Wireless is a type of LAN, it has not replaced it. For some wireless is a simpler technology and certainly easire to install, however the wired lan is both faster and more secure. A wired lan also generally provides more management capabilities than wireless.

802.11abg wireless transceiver means?

Answer: It is a wireless LAN

Advantages of LAN or WLAN?

LAN is wired WLAN is wireless

Does Wireless LAN mean WIFI?

Wireless LAN means: Wireless Local Area Network. WIFI: is a high frequency wireless local network. So yes, they are similar.

How does a wireless LAN differ from an Ethernet LAN?

Wireless LAN uses wireless signals to connect your computer, or any other internet enabled device, to other computers. AN ethernet LAN uses an ethernet cable to hardwire your computer to another computer.

Have wireless and a LAN connection for my Win XP machine The LAN does not connect to the internet but I can't get online via my wireless network while connected to the LAN How can fix this?

Try this setup: Cable/Dsl Modem---->Wireless router---->wireless devices, desktop.

What is the difference between a Lan and a WLAN?

WLAN is simply Wireless LAN.

Will a wireless N-LAN adapter work with a 802.11g router?

Yes, a wireless n adapter is backwards compatible with wireless g. Check the box you are buying and it will tell you if it is compatible with which wireless ranges.

What is the difference between a single and multiple cell wireless LAN?

Single-cell wireless LAN: all of the wireless end systems are within range of a single control module. Multiple-cell wireless LAN: there are multiple control modules interconnected by a wired LAN; each control module supports a number of wireless end systems within its transmission range.

Xbox Internet connection with wire Internet?

The first XBOX has a (Cat) LAN Connection and a wireless addon. The first XBOX 360 has a (Cat) LAN Connection and a wireless addon. The first XBOX SLIM has a (Cat) LAN Connection and built-in wireless.

What does WLAN mean?

It actually means this. wireless internet access, wireless lan.

Wireless devices can connect to a LAN by way of a wireless?

Access Point (AP)

What is the other name for 802.11 wireless standard?

other name for wireless lan

What two devices commonly affect wireless LAN?

Wireless Phones and Microwaves.

What is the difference between a wireless LAN and a wireless G card?

There is LAN (Local Area Network) which is hardwired through ethernet cable. Then there is WAN (Wireless Area Network) which would be your Wireless G Card using no wires.

How do you connect your wireless laptop to the LAN?

99.9% of laptops have LAN port, locate it and use it.

Do iMac computers have wireless lan?

Yes, they do.