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It varies from baby to baby. Normally within 5 weeks.

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Q: How early can you hear the baby's heartbeat with a regular stethoscope?
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How can you listen to your heartbeat withouot a stethoscope or microphone?

If you literally mean can you listen to your own heartbeat then maybe not. But, if you mean can a person's heartbeat be heard without an instrument, then the answer is yes. In the early days doctors rested their ear against the patient's chest to hear the heartbeat. A doctor in those puritanical times, realizing ladies did not like him to press his ear to their bosoms, rolled up a tube of paper, pressed it to their bosom and put his ear to the other end. This was the origin of the stethoscope.

Can you use a normal stethoscope on a 6 week pregnant woman belly?

You can try, but at such an early stage it probably wouldn't pick up much- the 'baby' would be an embryo rather than a developed foetus, so the stethoscope wouldn't be sensitive enough to pick up anything like foetal heartbeat, etc. It's best to wait until later on in pregancy before using a conventional stethoscope- if you want information about 'what's going on in there' in early pregancy, a hospital ultrasound scan is better.

If the doctor doesn't detect heart in six weeks of pregnancy is anything wrong with pregnancy?

Normally a fetus heartbeat is not heard until 10-12 weeks with a doplar ultrasound device. With a stethoscope somewhere around the 17-18 weeks. 6 weeks is very early to be detecting a heartbeat! Good Luck!

What month can you hear the baby's heartbeat with a stethoscope?

Around 20 to 24 weeks, you should be able to hear the babys heart with a stethoscope! It might be faint at first but the further along the louder it will get. Just don't confuse your heart with the babys heart. the babys heart will be beating much faster than yours.AnswerIt is actually quite difficult to hear a fetal heart with a stethoscope. You may be able to hear it during the last trimester depending on the position of the fetus and the quality of the stethoscope. This is why they invented the fetoscope, an antiquated device that the physcian wore on his head, it had a bell shaped listening end which was on his forehead and he could push against the babies back. Connected to that were the two ear pieces for listening.It has been replaced by the Doppler ultasound which allows doctors to hear the fetal heart as early as 8-10 weeks. If you are hearing a rapid pulsating noise with the stethoscope it is probably the "placental souffle" which is the sound of the blood pulsating through the palcenta, and not the fetal heart. AnswerIf you are cared for by a midwife she may use a Pinard stethoscope which is like a little trumpet with the wide end against the mother and the narrow end against the ear. If the baby is in a good position and the mother is quite slim you CAN hear the heartbeat from about 16 weeks but most midwives don't bother until 20-24 and the latest thinking is that there is no point in listening at all unless there is some reason to do so e.g the baby is not moving much, or the mother has pre-eclampsia.

I am 7 weeks pregnant can i have a ultrasound to see or hear my baby's heart beat?

Your babys heartbeat is heard very early on with a doppler, you don't have to have an ultrasound. My daughters was heard at 8 weeks, so probably yours would be audible too.

How early can you hear a baby's heartbeat?

after 6 months

How early can heartbeat be detected in pregnancy?

Five weeks.

How early can you see a heartbeat on an ultrasound?

well, i seen the flicker on a monitor, which is the baby's heartbeat..and I'm seven weeks.

Can you feel a baby's heartbeat in early pregnancy?

No, with a Doppler stethoscope it can be heard at approx. 8-10 weeks in a thin woman.An ultrasound machine can see the fetal heart at 6-8 weeks depending on the qualiity of the machine. The fetal heart is way to small to feel early in the pregnancy, in fact, it cannot even be felt at full term.

How early after conception can you hear a baby's heartbeat?

21 days

When do you first have a heartbeat?

When does a baby have a heartbeat? A baby's heartbeat can be detected by transvaginal ultrasound as early as 3 to 4 weeks after conception, or 5 to 6 weeks after the first day of the last menstrual period. This early embryonic heartbeat is fast, often about 160-180 beats per minutes, twice as fast as us adults'!

How Early Can You Hear a Twins Baby's Heartbeat?

dont know please help

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