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They will not induce your labor unless your water breaks or you have a serious health condition anytime before 38 weeks. Usually for a normal pregnancy they will wait until 41 or 42 weeks. If you go any later than that, personally I think you should demand to be induced because you baby is being put at risk staying in there that long. The plancenta begins to deteriorate and the oxygen supply is cut down.

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Q: How early can you induce your labor?
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How can you induce your labor?

what can you tell a doctor to make him induce your labor

How can accupressure induce labor?

There are accupressure points to induce labor.

How can you induce labor at 34 weeks?

Why would you want to induce labor that early? The babys lungs are not ready yet. Let it come on its on , at least wait until 37 weeks.

How do you use vegetable oil to induce labor?

Vegetable oil can't induce labor.

Can drinking vinegar induce labor?

Drinking vinegar to induce labor is an old wives tale and will not work. It is not recommended to try to induce labor by any methods.

Does gestational diabetes cause preterm labor?

No, but it is likely they will induce labor early. One of the side effects of gestational diabetes is increased weight of the baby. They sometimes induce the labor when the baby reaches a certain weight to avoid some delivery complications.

Why would they induce labor 3 weeks early?

Normally they would only induce labour if they have suspected a problem with you or the baby these can be a range of problems. Or they would induce labour if you have had previous babies which have been too big to deliver and caused tearing. Therefore they may induce you early so you have a normal sized baby.

What are the best methods to induce labor?

there is no " way " to induce it . . It happens naturally !

Nipple stimulation to induce labor?

When you do nipple stimulation you will induce a contraction.

How can you easily and safely induce labor?

By fondling or playing with a woman's nipples can sometimes induce labor for some women.

Way to induce labor?

There are millions of ways to induce labor. You can try walking, drinking teas and having sex.

Does wine induce labor?

No wine will not help induce labor. It will actually suppress labor. It was used before modern medication to help avoid pre-term labor.

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