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About four months into your pregnancy but most women experience it during the second trimester or later. Oh you wont produce milk till you give birth. You produce colostrum till then.

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Q: How early can you produce milk?
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How early can breast milk produce?

anytime during pregnancy anytime during pregnancy

Do ducks produce milk?

No. Only mammals produce milk for their young. The only birds that produce milk are pigeons.

Which Country was the first to produce milk?

cow land Milk has been available since early civilization in the Mesopotamian region and Egypt.

Do mammals produce milk?

Yes.Mammals produce milk.

What do men have to do to produce milk?

Men do not produce milk.

Do rabbits produce milk?

yes rabbits do produce milk.

Do killer whales produce milk?

Yes Killer Whales can produce milk because they are mammals and all mammals can produce milk.

How do humans produce cows' milk?

They milk the cows; they do not actually produce the milk themselves.

Can mammals produce milk?

that is what makes a mammal a mammal they produce milk

Do sheep produce milk?

Yes, all mammals produce milk.

Do guinea pigs produce milk?

Yes.All mammals produce milk.

Is any bird can produce milk?

a mother bird can produce milk

Do chickens produce milk in South America?

Only mammals produce milk. Birds such as chickens do not produce milk, not even in South America.

Does hamsters produce milk?

Since all mammals produce milk in order to raise their young than yes, a hamster does produce milk.

How do cows make pink milk?

They don't. They produce white milk, hippos produce pink milk

At what age does a calf start producing milk?

A calf does not produce milk. Calves "turn into" heifers which "turn into" cows which produce milk. Cows only produce milk after they have had a calf.

How do women produce milk?

women just simply produce milk for there children.

Can a woman produce breast milk after menopause?

No. She can not produce breast milk after menopause.

Do lizards produce milk for its young?

No, only mammals produce milk for its young.

Can guys produce milk?

No, not the kind of milk female mammals can produce for their young.

Do rattlesnakes produce milk?

No. Snakes are reptiles. Only mammals produce milk.

Do llama's produce milk for their young?

Yes, Llamas do produce milk for their young. They typically produce 60 ml of milk at the time that she gives birth.

What animal produce red milk?

There is not an animal that produces red milk. Most animals that produce milk have white or creme colored milk.

How much cheese does one cow produce?

Cows don't produce cheese, they produce milk. It's the HUMANS that produce cheese from milk.

Does vertebrates produce milk?

Not all vertabrates do, only mammals produce milk for offspring.