How early in your pregnancy can you get symptoms?

It honestly varies with each woman. Some women will say right away, some woman will say not for weeks after they conceived. My first and only pregnancy was not planned, so I wasn't looking for anything, but I did not know I was pregnant until my boobs were killing me. I took a test that night and found out I was pregnant! The next day I went and got a blood test done, got the results back the following day, and wouldn't you know, I was almost out of my 1st trimester already. So, just goes to show it can be different with everyone : ) I did not notice my tiny, itsy bitsy baby bump until after I saw pictures from around the time I found out I was pregnant. One picture was taken the weekend before I found out and sure enough, you could see my tummy had a little peak.

Good luck and honestly, either way until the time of your period to see if it comes, or take a test : ) Easier said than done, yes, but it's about the only way : ) Anticipation is the worst, especially when you want to be pregnant : )