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How easily is a hole in the transmission pan fixed and how can you do it?


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2015-07-15 19:18:55
2015-07-15 19:18:55

have someone weld a patch panel on it, or if it is small enough use a product called JB Weld which can be picked up at any autoparts store.


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If you tear a hole in your transmission pan shut your vehicle down as quickly as possible and have it towed home. You can get a new transmission pan and some new fluid for far less than it costs to rebuild/replace your transmission.

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I'm not a mechanic / technician but another contributor had mentioned that there was a piece that plugged the transmission dipstick hole at the factory that was pushed into the transmission pan when the dipstick tube was installed . It indicated that it was the first time the transmission pan had been off

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I think you will find it has none. Sealed for life transmission. I could be wrong as I am not 100% positive. Call your local Chevy dealer to be sure. There are 'kits' available from the major parts stores to make your own drain plug for your transmission pan. Have a qualified person pull off the pan and have them drill a hole toward the rear of the pan and install the plug. The instructions included with the kit will show the diameter of the hole that you will need to drill. I did this on my 1996 Yukon and it works well and does not leak. I can now change my transmission fluid as easily as my oil.

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Transmissions have lines that run from the transmission to the oil cooler in front ot the engine. Most of the time, it's made into the radiator. These metal lines sometimes rub against the metal chasis, causing a hole. It may also be corroded from a leaking battery case. Remove the battery and find the leak. It can be repaired easily with a rubber hose made for transmissions and clamps.

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