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The splash guards under the engine compartment are usually held in by a mixture of bolts and sheet metal screws around the perimeter of the guard. With the correct size socket and ratchet, and a Phillips head screwdriver, a person can remove a splash guard in about 10 minutes. Not knowing which socket to use, or that a screwdriver is needed, or that the car must be on jack stands, it can take about 2 hours.

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How do you replace a fuel pump for a 1995 Toyota corolla?

Remove the rear seat bottom. There is a plate with roughly 6 screws. Remove this plate and there will be another plate on top of the fuel tank. Unplug the wire connector and remove the screws and lift out the plate with the fuel pump attached. Remove the fuel pump from the plate.

Remove front license plate cover on a 1990 corvette?

A person can remove the front license plate cover on a 1990 Corvette with a screwdriver. The plate can then be replaced with a custom plate or a state plate if required.

How do you remove the right side rear backing plate of a 1992 Cadillac Sedan DeVille?

remove wheel remove brake drum remove brakes disconnect brake fluid line remove parking brake cable from backing plate remove four bolts attaching backing plate to axle housing remove wheel remove brake drum remove brakes disconnect brake fluid line remove parking brake cable from backing plate remove four bolts attaching backing plate to axle housing

How do you remove the interior door knob?

Remove the two screws from the mounting plate and pull out both handles, then remove any screws from latch plate and push the mechanism out.

How do you remove rear differential fluid in 1999 suburban?

You will have to remove all the bolts that hold the big round plate on the back of the housing and then remove the plate. NO OTHER WAY.

How do you remove a license plate?

You unscrew it!

How do you remove skid plate to change oil on a Toyota 4 runner?

near the 4 corners of the skid plate are 12mm bolts,(one at each corner) remove the bolts and unhook a hook arm (by slightly lifting up on bottom of skid plate) from the center bottom of skid plate and lower skid plate to the ground. skid plate removed. <these directions were done by me to remove the skid plate from my 1994 4runner.>

How do you replace ignition coil on 5 hp Tecumseh?

1. Remove the housing 2. remove the flywheel 3. push ignition wire through the plate and remove the screw holding the ignition wire to the plate. 4. slide the ignition wire around the plate shaft bearing to that it is next to the coil 5. remove the wires on the points. 6. remove the condenser 7. Here is what you are looking for. . . The coil can be removed by putting a screw driver BEHIND the plate it is mounted to and applying force to slip it off of the laminated plate(s) it is on. There are no screws and you DO NOT have to remove the mounting plate. It just slips off/

What is the hard protective plate found at the ends of the fingers and toes?

They are finger nails and toe nails.

What is best way to remove on a GMC CAYON THE LICENSE PLATE LAMP?


What does z71 gm package consist of?

1.81" (46 mm) shocks, off-road jounce bumpers, 34mm front stabilizer bar, high capacity air cleaner, heavy-duty automatic locking rear differential, Skid Plate Package Skid Plate Package includes: frame-mounted shields, front underbody shield starting behind front bumper and running to first cross-member, protecting front underbody, oil pan, differential case and transfer case

How do you remove ignition switch from steering column on 84 Pontiac fiero?

you have to remove the steering wheel then using a lock plate removal tool depress the lock plate and removed the clip that holds it in place then remove the lock plate then remove the screws from the turn signal switch and pull it up slightly then remove the screw that hold the lock cylinder in place then remove the lock assembly

1995 Buick Pak Ave Ultra How do you remove rear license plate from around license plate light from the holder in the trunk Do you have to remove the trim?

Open trunk, plate fits through a slot--just push up from the outside front of plate

How do you remove a 1986 celebrity steering wheel lock plate?

Use a spring compressor to push the lock plate down slightly, then remove the circlip that keeps the plate on. Release the spring compressor and the lock plate will come off. Reverse the procedure to reinstall.

What are synonyms for armour?

protection, covering, shield, sheathing, armour plate, chain mail, protective covering

How do you remove camshaft thrust plate from RB30 motor?

remove the seal and slide it to the side

How do you remove the restrictor plate?

You take off the governor.

How do you remove plate stuck to the bottom of the pan?

you can't

How do you replace a flywheel on a 89 ford bronco II wautotrans?

Remove the inspection plate/dust cover from the bell housing. Disconnect the torque converter from the flex plate. Remove the drive shaft from the transmission. Separate the engine and transmission and support the transmission while you remove the flex plate. Replace the flex plate and put it all back together.

How do you remove a flywheel from a 1991 international 4700 series?

Remove the driveshaft, remove the transmission (you'll have to disconnect the temp sensor, speed sensor, backup light switch, etc.), then you remove the pressure plate and clutch plate (don't try doing this by yourself), then you unbolt the flywheel and remove it.

How do you change the license plate light on 1999 Cadillac eldorado?

Rear license plate lights replacement require that you remove the entire frame with reverse lights. Remove the 3 cover bolts on the inside of trunk, remove license plate, remove the for bolts holding frame to tyrunk lid, slide unit down and out and you will have to twist the bulb sockets and remove the bulbs and install in reverse.

What is the function of the face plate on the sewing machine?

The face plate is the vertical plate on the left side of the sewing machine. It is a protective covering for the needle bar and thread take-up mechanism. See the diagram linked below for a visual.

How do you remove the clutch on a 1991 prelude?

You will need to remove the transmission. Remove the clutch plate retaining bolts. Remove the clutch linkage. Remove the clutch retaining bolts.

How do you remove the plate under the steering wheel to replace turn signal switch on a 1987 Chevy truck?

It requires a SPECIAL tool that you can push the plate down with and then remove the lock ring that's around the steering shaft. There is a spring under the plate, IT MUST BE PUSHED DOWN TO REMOVE LOCK RING.

How do you replace an ignition switch on a 1987 Chevy truck?

you have to pull the steering wheel off and then you will see a steel plate there push down on the steel plate and remove the snap ring that holds the plate in place. remove the plate and then remove the three Philips head screws that hold the plastic ring in place that is under the plate and pull the ring up and out of your way carefully. look in and you will see a torx head screw under the ignition switch remove that and the switch will come out. repeat steps to reinstall