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I don't know the specific engine, but you usually need to take the motor out of the car to replace the crankshaft. (Needs block and tackle or similar lifting device) Then timing belt needs removing. If you leave the head on at this point, you risk valves hitting pistons when you fit the new crankshaft. Don't forget to drain the oil if you turn the motor upside down or the cylinders will fill with oil. Also, most gaskets are single use and need replacing after you separate the components. If you don't know what you're doing and don't have a manual, best leave it to a professional, because it is definetely not easy. If the Primera definetely has the same engine then the crankshaft will be the same.

Answeri have this slight feeling that this is a junkyard change is it??cause then i wouldn't try it un less you kno wat your doing
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Q: How easy is it to replace the crank-shaft in a Nissan sereen 93 20 16v twincam SR 20 engine and will the crank shaft out of a Nissan Primera with the same engine fit?
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