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The chances are very slim. It is possible, but very unlikely. The pill and a spermicide condom are the best way to go for protection.

This is the method that my boyfriend and I use. It is the most effective because if the condom fails and he ejaculates inside of you, you always have the Birth Control to back it up. But this instance is highly unlikely!

its the best way to go that is what my boyfriend and i use and it is great!!! but it is highly unlikely to get pregnant


Zero. unassuming that there is no divine intervention.

about 0.01%

The odds are very slim, but it is possible especially if the condom breaks and/or if the regularity of your pill taking has suffered any lapses. If condoms are 99% effective and the pill is 99% effective, that means there is still a one in ten thousand chance of becoming pregnant over no protection at all. I was in a relationship where I had sex 5,000 times in a seven year period with double protection. Didn't get pregnant.

The pill doesnt work for everyone and condoms can break or have a hole in it. It is very unlikely but it can happen.

Unlikely but still possible

I'm going to take a nerd approach here...assuming that the birth control pill when used as directed is 97% effective and a condom when used entirely correct is 96% effective then here's what we have: A 3% chance of pregnancy with the pill and a 4% chance with a condom. Now when used in conjunction with one another we have the probability of A intersection with B (A = pill, B = condom) since these two events are independent of one another. Therefore to determine the likelihood of event A or B happening or both events occurring we would simply multiply P(A) X P(B), yielding 0.0012 or 0.12% chance of pregnancy given both are used correctly, as directed, and in conjunction with one another. So, if you have sex using the aforementioned method with no pregnancies 832 times...I'd be careful about one more night of passion b/c the law of probability says that girl is gonna get prego!! and makes it a little easier to understand.

that is a very secure method to use because basicly you are doubling up, i use the same method that you do for about 4 months now and i have not become pregnant, so it looks pretty unlikely

Chances of PregnancyThere is always a chance in everything, but if you are using protection correctly your chances of getting pregnant are very low.
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Q: How effective is the birth control pill and condoms?
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Which are effective methods of contraception?

Condoms and birth control pill combined or condoms and the shot combined.

Are condoms or the pill more safe?

Birth control is actually safer. Birth control I believe is 99.999---% effective. Where as condoms with the perfect use is only 98%.

What are some effective products for birth control?

There are many effective products and techniques for birth control. The most effective and popular is the contraceptive pill. Also available are condoms, the coil and the cap.

Do your wife and you have to use condoms during the period week of her pill?

No method of birth control is 100% effective, including condoms. Of every 100 couples who use condoms correctly and consistently, only two will experience a pregnancy. The pill is 99% effective if used exactly as prescribed and a day is never missed.

What if you don't switch immediately from Depo-Provera to the birth control pill?

If you don't start the birth control pill within the time that the injection was effective, you will need to use a backup method, like condoms or abstinence from vaginal sex, for the first seven days of the first pill pack in order to get uninterrupted protection. Keep in mind that the birth control pill is less effective than Depo Provera, so you may choose to use condoms regularly for additional pregnancy (and disease) protection; however, both are considered highly-effective methods.

How effective are condoms and the birth control pill?

with both, less than 1 percent. you are more likely to fly a space mission joymaker rn

What can you buy to prevent pregnancy?

Birth control, condoms, the morning after pill, no sex.

What would be a good birth control?

a combination of the birth control pill and condoms would be the best form following abstinance

If you take the morning after pill and contiue to take the birth control pill is the birth control still effective for the rest of the month?

If you had missed a pill or been late with a pill, causing you to take the morning after pill, then you should use a back up method of birth control for the next seven days. If you didn't forget a pill or take a pill late, then I'm not sure why you took the morning after pill, but the birth control pill will still be effective even though you took the morning after pill. The morning after pill doesn't make the birth control pill less effective.

Do medications for tuberculosis affect the birth control pill?

INH/isoniazid does not affect the birth control pill, but rifampin makes the birth control pill less effective. Talk with your health care provider about alternate methods of birth control during your treatment. Use condoms or abstain from vaginal sex until you have found an alternate method. It's important that you avoid pregnancy at this time.

Why are condoms such an effective form of birth control?

condoms are not 100% effective, although they are like 99%, however sometimes accidents will happen, so you should use other cotraception, such as the pill, or an implant, condoms should also be used for extra protection, and for protection against std's

Can you use the morning after pill instead of birth control?

No. no you cannot. if you are already on birth control and you use the morning after pill because you forgot to take your pill you still must take the pill. if you aren't on birth control but you had unprotected sex and want to use the morning after pill to protect you from that one case it's a good idea. but you can't always use it. it isn't 100% effective and you should really just use condoms or get on the pill.

How affective is it when you use a condom and birth control?

Condoms alone are 85-98% effective by themselves. The birth control pill is 92-99.7% effective. If you are using both properly the chances of conceiving are slim to none. Keep in mind nothing is ever 100% effective (except abstinence)

Do you have to take the birth control pill every day?

For the birth control pill to be effective in preventing pregnancy, you have to take it every day.

Is birth control pill is the most common and most effective birth control method?


What are Effective birth control methods?

If you want the church way... ABSTINENCE! Or Natural Family planning! Otherwise condoms or the pill are pretty effective methods... Methods like pulling out aren't as effective. Be careful wit this one

Do you need to use a condom if you are on birth control?

Certainly ... especially if concerned about STD's. Birth control pills do no protect one iota against those.Yes and no. Birth control is an effective contraceptive, and can prevent pregnancy. However, you can use birth control with condoms to make it next to impossible to get pregnant, provided the condom does not break. I would still recommend condoms because birth control does not protect you against STIsNo a condom is not needed if you are on birth control if you are only trying to prevent pregnancy. Birth control is more 99.99% effective when taken correctly. Birth control pills need to be taken everyday at the same time to make sure that the pill is 99.99% effective.

Do you have to take the birth control pill if you use a condom?

If you use condoms you do not need to take birth control pills, because the condoms stop you from getting pregnant by stopping the sperm from entering your system.

Which of all birth control methods are partially effective?

The ONLY birth control that is 100% affective is abstinece. But, if you get on a pill, shot, or IUD AND use condoms, you are much less likely to become pregnant. There are several different ways to avoid it.

What are substitutes for a birth control pill?

The vaginal ring, the Merina IUD, Today Sponge & condoms, BC Patch, rhythm method. There are many things that can be used in place of The Pill that are just as effective when used consistently.

Which is an effective method of contraception?

Condoms, The Pill...

Is it easy to get pregnant on birth control?

If you take them properly, they are pretty effective. But you should know that Birth control pills can be ineffective if you: # do not take the pill at the pill at the same time every night # use anti-biotics while on birth control # take other medications (including some natural supplements/vitamins) that have not been approved with your doctor while on birth control # miss a pill # are not on the pill for 30 days before having "unprotected" sex # are not on the pill for 30 days before having "unprotected" sex after switching brands of birth control * Intrauterine birth controls such as the Nuva Ring, and other IUD's can slip out of place * Condoms can break and semen can leak though. It is important not to use two condoms at once because the extra friction between the two condoms can cause them to rip.

What are the chances of getting pregnant while taking the pill?

The pill is not 100% effective (no birth control methods are 100% effective) so it's possible that you could be pregnant. The chances are low though. To further lower your chances of getting pregnant, perhaps consider also using condoms or another form of birth control (that won't clash with the pill, ie. something non-hormonal) such as the cap.

What effective non-hormonal forms of birth control are out there that have been proven to work well with the pill besides condoms?

Withdrawal also lowers the risk of pregnancy significantly. (In general, it's more effective than the diaphragm). In addition, you can add the diaphragm or cervical cap, or spermicide, to increase the effectiveness of the pill. Fertility awareness methods are not useful if you're on the birth control pill.

If you only use birth control with out a condom will you still get pregnant?

If you use the birth control pill perfectly, it is 99.7% effective all on its own. If you mess up, it is 92%. When used with the male condom it is 99.99% effective with perfect use, and 98.8% effective with typical use. The risk of pregnancy is very low while on the pill, but remember that only condoms can protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.