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How effective is the ombusman in obtain a remedy?"

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Q: How effective is the ombusman in obtain a remedy?
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What does effective remedy mean?

A cure for some ill that is effective

what is the most effective home remedy trearment to clear away acne?

what is the most effective home remedy treatment to clear away acne

What was the most effective remedy for plague?


What was the most effective remedy for the plague?


What might be the effective ingredient in an indigestion remedy?

That will be an alkaline substance - an "antacid" - to neutralize the stomach acid which is Hydrochloric Acid. Bicarbonate of Soda, a weak alkali, is an effective (and cheap) indigestion remedy.

What is the most effective home remedy for mosquito bites?

ANything with Aloe.

Effective dry flaky skin remedy?

Lotions or creams with aloe

How effective are herbal medicines?

Herbal medicines are very helpful in external applications as remedy as they are in raw mother tincture however the raw extract if taken internally has a very slow recovery as remedy but when refined it is very effective .

What homeopathic remedy for mastitis can be given to a 7 year female lab?

Find a homeopathic veterinarian and ask. There are a few, but antibiotics are still the most effective remedy.

What is the most effective natural remedy for chronic pains?

An effective remedy for almost anything, even to cure the common cold is to boil water, and then add 3 tablespoons of 100% pure honey along with a quarter of a teaspoon of cinnamon, and stir it. Drink it as if it was a tea.

What is the most affective headache relief remedy?

The most effective relief remedy for a headache would be to take a aspirin or another pain reliever. some people try accupuncture or pressure points.

Where can I find information on holistic health alternatives?

There is no realy effective holistic remedy to replace antibiotics. In fact the average holistic remedy would not be able to help any form of infection like antibiotics would.

What is the definition of a class one tapeworm remedy?

Class 1: 100 % effective in more than 80 % of the treated herd

Does rescue remedy make birth control pills less effective?

I emailed the Bach Flowers company & the woman who replied said: "The birth control pill will not be effected by Rescue Remedy so please do not worry about taking it."

If i weigh 133.4 pounds and i smoke weed what is a good niacin remedy?

There is no "Niacin" remedy. This is just a popular myth, and overuse of niacin can be very dangerous to your health. The most effective way to flush toxins from your body is to drink water.

What is the most effective scar remover?

your potty is the best remedy to remove your dirty scars. try this it really works. trust me. good luck.

Whatsa cure for diaria?

If you mean diarrhea, a good remedy that seems to always be effective is the pink medicine in a jar called Pepto Bismol.

Herbal Remedy for ckd?

Herbal remedies are very effective safer supplement for chronic kidney diseases.

What is the effective remedy for old scars?

i would ask a doctor for the best treatment but if it is from a drugstore i would recomend mederma a skin care for scars

What is a home remedy for cleaning out your system?

Always use effective and quality cleaning agents for this purpose and also do regular cleaning for better improvement.

If an enzyme solution is saturated with substrate the most effective way to obtain a faster yield of products is to?

If an enzyme solution is saturated with substrate the most effective way to obtain a faster yield of products is to increase the enzyme concentration. An alternative is to increase the temperature.

What rhymes with enmity?

remedy remedy

How is lomatium taken?

Lomatium is available as an extract, as a tincture, and in capsule form. Fresh root extract in an alcohol solution is believed to be the most effective remedy.

Why is the correct balance of pH in saltwater pools so difficult to obtain?

You would be best of taking a sample to a pool shop for testing and getting their advice on the remedy.

How do you use the word 'remedy' in a sentence?

The doctor administered the remedy for the sickness