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How effective was Blitzkrieg and did it in any way contribute to the defeat of Germany in World War 2?

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September 12, 2011 11:25PM

Blitzkrieg was a tactical system developed by the Germans. The

word literally means "lightning war". It was new and completely

revolutionary. The essence of it was that tanks, instead of being

spread out and used just to support infantry, would be concentrated

in large columns. The tanks would attack and break through the

enemy line. they would then spread out in the enemy rear areas

destroying supplies and ammunition and capturing command posts and

headquarters, thus paralyzing the front lines so they could be

easily attacked by the infantry. They called it blitzgrieg because

the tanks spreading out behind the lines looked, on a map, like the

branches of a bolt of lightning. To see how effective this was look

at how easy the German victories were in the early part of the war.

They defeated Poland in six weeks, Denmark in a single day, Holland

in a few days, Belgium in a couple of weeks and France in six

weeks. They conquered vast amounts of Russia in a matter of weeks.

Eventually though their enemies learned how to use the same

tactical system and applied it against them. When the tide turned

and British, American and Russian armies began to advance they were

using essentially the same ideas. Modifications of the blitzkrieg

arew still used by advanced armies today.Michael Montagne

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