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Blitzkrieg was a tactical system developed by the Germans. The word literally means "lightning war". It was new and completely revolutionary. The essence of it was that tanks, instead of being spread out and used just to support infantry, would be concentrated in large columns. The tanks would attack and break through the enemy line. they would then spread out in the enemy rear areas destroying supplies and ammunition and capturing command posts and headquarters, thus paralyzing the front lines so they could be easily attacked by the infantry. They called it blitzgrieg because the tanks spreading out behind the lines looked, on a map, like the branches of a bolt of lightning. To see how effective this was look at how easy the German victories were in the early part of the war. They defeated Poland in six weeks, Denmark in a single day, Holland in a few days, Belgium in a couple of weeks and France in six weeks. They conquered vast amounts of Russia in a matter of weeks. Eventually though their enemies learned how to use the same tactical system and applied it against them. When the tide turned and British, American and Russian armies began to advance they were using essentially the same ideas. Modifications of the blitzkrieg arew still used by advanced armies today.Michael Montagne

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Q: How effective was Blitzkrieg and did it in any way contribute to the defeat of Germany in World War 2?
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Did Germany defeat Poland in 1939 by using lightning war tactics?

Yes. They used the Blitzkrieg - lighning strike.

What was the outcome of the blitzkrieg?

Germany proved unable to defeat the Soviet Union which together with Great Britian and the United States seized inititative from Germany. Germany became embroiled in a long war,leading ultimatley to its defeat in May 1945. -sierra gillenwater

What did Germany do to contribute to their defeat in the battle of Britain in ww2?

they employed poor tactical decisions.

Where did Hitler start blitzkrieg and why?

Hitler used the Blitzkrieg against Poland in September 1939 to defeat & conquer Poland.

How long for the German blitzkrieg to defeat Poland?

36 days

How effective was operation Barbarossa for the Germany?

The Germans suffered a major defeat and ultimately lost the war .

Why was Germany able to defeat Poland and France so quickly?

Both countries were unprepared for the German blitzkrieg tactics where armour was supported by ground-attack aircraft. They were able to use surprise, shock and awe in the form of blitzkrieg, and were able to flank the Maginot Line.

Which of the following best describes Germany's strategy at the start of World War 1?

Germany wanted to defeat France quickly to avoid fighting on two fronts.

Can Germany defeat US in war?

My assumption. Germany cannot defeat US. But France can. But Germany can defeat France.

How did the US contribute to the defeat of Nazi Germany?

The United States led Allied forces in an invasion of German territory in Western Europe.

Why was the defeat of Germany the Allies top priority?

The defeat of Germany was the top priority of the Allies because it was believed that Germany's defeat would assure the defeat of Italy and Japan. The defeat of Italy or Japan would not necessarily assure the defeat of Germany.

How did Germany's campaign in Poland in 1939 help defeat France in 1940?

While the so-called phony war in Western Europe lingered, Germany's invasion of Poland in 1939 set Germany in a good position in the soon to come war in France. That's because it allowed Germany to perfect it's "blitzkrieg". What the invasion did was to uncover defects in that "blitzkrieg' and therefore make them ready for Western Europe in 1940.

What did the Germans do to easily defeat the french inworld war 2?

From what I know, they used the Blitzkrieg technique. (Possibly Incorrect)

How did Germany contribute to its own defeat in World War 2?

they helped because they used the same method of attack they helped because they used the same method of attack

How many weeks did it take for Germany to defeat France?

it only took six weeks for Germany to defeat France

Why was Stalingrad a crushing defeat for Germany?

Germany lost the German 6th Army which had 330,000 men - a significant defeat .

Why did the blitzkrieg happen?

The blitzkrieg happened because Germany wanted to build its empire and felt that other European powers were restricting them. The pace at which the other powers 'allowed' Germany to expand was too slow for Germany's tastes and severely hampered their industrial expansion. By attacking the European countries directly, Germany would be able to gain access to many industrial resources such as the oil fields of the Middle East and the Ural mountains. Germany correctly assessed that they would be able to defeat the mainland European powers. By attacking quickly, Germany reduced it's losses. The speed at which they attacked guaranteed them a psychological victory, sending the defenders into despair and stupor.

When was the defeat of Germany?

Germany surrendered on the 7th of May 1945, this was basically when Germany was defeated.

In what country did winter weather contribute to Napoleon's defeat?


How did the United States defeat Germany in WWII?

The United States (alone) did not defeat Germany in WW2, it was the Allies (of which the US were a part) that achieved this.

How did The US defeat Germany?

Germany surrendered to the United States of America.

Did England defeat Germany?

The Allies including Britain defeated Germany.

What was the result of Hitler's blitzkrieg?

So, Hitler's Wehrmacht (the name of their combined foces) was able to successfully defeat the allies in many battles up until around 1948 when Blitzkrieg's effectiveness began to wane. However after the Allies realised how effective Blitzkrieg was, they began to adopt it and modify it to fit their reasources and doctrines. The Germans on the other hand had wasted most of their reasources on operation Barabossa, which was the assault they launched against the soviet union. Not to mention that the German oil fields located in Romania which provided Germany for most of it's fuel used in tanks and airplanes was bombed leaving Germany depleted of its natural reasources and pretty much ready to crumble.

Why did Patton defeat Germany?

George Patton did not defeat Germany, at least not single handedly. And, anything Patton did was the result of his interpretation of orders he received.

Why did it take so many countries to defeat germany?

There was really only Britain and the Soviets Fighting with half the American army because the Americans were also fighting in the pacific. Also Germany had a lot of men and used the blitzkrieg tactic which helped Germany take over almost all of Eastern Europe and France, so they had a large buffer zone to keep the enemy forces out of Berlin.