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"Fortis watches can range in pricing based on materials used, if they are limited editions, and if you are buying new or used. New Fortis watches start at around $1,850 to as much as $12,500."

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โˆ™ 2011-12-08 13:33:08
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Q: How expensive are Fortis watches?
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Where are Fortis watches produced?

Fortis watches are produced at a factory. They have also worked with other different companies to create unique watches, one of the companies they are working with is Volkswagon.

Who makes fortis watch?

Fortis watches belongs to the traditional Swiss watch brand. Fortis created the first automatic watch.

What kind of watches does Fortis manufacture?

Fortis designs watches like Swiss Logo Harwood watches, which are intricate bands that go around the wrist. These watches are specifically made out of wood, and there are many other available designs.

Can you say expensive watches as assets?

Yes, Expensive watches are personal assets.

What is most expensive watch company?

Rolex watches are extremely expensive. Some Omega watches are expensive too.

Why are Mont Blanc watches so expensive?

They are more expensive because they are a reliable brand and they are LUXURY watches. Luxury watches obviously costs more. So that's why they are so expensive.

Why are casio watches so expensive?

Casio Watches are expensive because they are long lasting and most are solar powered

Why are Breitling watches so expensive?

One reason why Breitling watches are so expensive is because they use the latest technology which makes it very complex. Another reason is because they use expensive materials to make the watches.

Is the Rado Watch for men or women more expensive?

Rado watches for men are more expensive than the equivalent watches for women.

Are womens fossil watches expensive?

Women fossil watches can be expensive. The price can range from $50.oo to $250.00 U.S. The median range of these watches is around $115.00. it should be based on your budget and what your willing to spend as to how expensive these watches are. wetherer your looking for a "time piece" or a "time piece with flare", these watches do hold their value.

Who makes Fuji watches and are they expensive?


How expensive are Bling watches?

Bling watches come from a variety of brands and the prices of them will range usually based on designer. The lower priced watches can be about twenty dollars while more expensive watches can be over three hundred dollars.

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