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How expensive are eye lifts?

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My eye lift was $4,000.00 (total). That was for lifting both eyes and having fat pads removed from the bottom lids. It also included laser resurfacing of the lower lids. They couldn't actually "lift" my lower lids because I have large eyes and it could have caused my lower lids to droop. The fat removal and laser resurfacing of the lower had amazing results. The uppers look great too. All plastic surgeons have finance companies they work with, so you can always finance any charges. Make sure when getting a price quote from the doctor that you ask if that charge includes everything. Sometimes the cost of the surgical suite and the anesthesiologist is extra.

If you are considering eyelift surgery, remember that unless your surgery is medically necessary, your health insurance will most likely not cover it. Cosmetic surgery can be expensive when you are paying �out-of-pocket� and for many, the costs may be prohibitive.

Average pricing for eyelift surgery is $3,000 for both upper and lower lids. You should remember that this cost is for the individual procedure and does not include such fees as operating room fees, pre-surgical testing, anesthesia, nursing staff, post-operative care and many others. Anesthesia averages just under $1,000 for this procedure and operating room fees are in the same general price range. It is important when obtaining a quote to be sure that you are receiving information on all costs involved. Be sure to get a written estimate as well to cover all bases. Don�t be afraid to ask questions about individual charges you may not understand. Depending on their willingness to answer such questions, this may be a good way to weed out surgeons who have a tendency to price gouge. It can also help you when you are comparison shopping.

It is important to consider the experience of the surgeon as well as the geographic location of the surgeon when looking at costs. Doctors with vast experience tend to charge more. Doctors located in areas with a higher cost of living are likely to charge more as well. It is not unusual to see doctors in some areas charging as much as 50% more than other areas.

Many times you may find doctors offering discounts, usually because they have less patients or are still trying to build up their businesses. But going to a less expensive surgeon may not always cost less in the long run. Botched procedures can end up costing more money to have another surgeon repair the damage. Do your research and find out why this surgeon is charging less than others. And remember that a good surgeon will encourage you to have a realistic view of your results as opposed to someone who will give you a discount on many procedures that may not necessarily produce your desired results.

Remember to be a responsible consumer, as well. Many offices will offer financing options for your surgery, but don't allow your eagerness to cloud your judgement. Find out about the finance company the surgeon's office uses. Ask questions about finance rates, terms and conditions, penalties, and your rights as a consumer.

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