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at least 3 weeks, usually more toward the 4th week.


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Q: How far along do you have to be before a blood test can tell if you are pregnant?
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How can you tell if you are pregnant before a whole month?

A blood test that only your doctor can give is the only sure way to know if you are pregnant before you miss your period.

Where does a doctor press on your stomach to tell if your pregnant?

The doctor knows you're pregnant by taking a blood test, long before he/she palps your stomach. That doesn't tell whether you're pregnant, only that there is swelling there.

Can a blood test tell you if you are pregnant?

Yes a blood test can tell you you are pregnant. That's why to make sure someone is pregnant the go to the doctors and take a blood test for pregnancy.Yes

How soon can you have blood test before you know your pregnant?

About 9 days after conception if you know when you concieved. Otherwise about 6 days before your anticipated period. Levels of HCG will be present and a blood test will be able to tell you if you're pregnant or not.

If you are pregnant and your blood work says you are further along than your ultrasound which one is more accurate?

Blood work cannot tell you how far along you are as the levels vary so much from pregnancy to pregnancy, go with the ultrasound.

Can a blood pregnancy test tell you the exact date of getting pregnant?

it may not tell you what day you have got pregnant

How does a doctor tell if you are pregnant?

They do a blood or urine test to find the hormones that indicate you are pregnant

Does a pregnancy blood test tell you how far along you are?


How 2 tell if a dog is pregnant?

Depends on how far along you think she is.

Can a doctor tell your pregnant from taking blood?

If he performs a pregnancy test on the blood, yes.

Can you tell if you're pregnant after only two weeks?

You can tell if you are pregnant two weeks after conception, which is generally around the time of your expected period. Home tests are quite reliable by this time, and blood tests can tell about a week before this. You cannot tell you are pregnant two weeks after your last period as this is around the time you normally conceive.

How can you tell if your pregnant even before your next period?

you can't tell!but you can get first response test which tells you before you get it .

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