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I never heard of not being able to ride a motorcycle while pregnant although I would think that it is not recommended since there is such a high increase of an accident and no real prevention of you getting thrown off the bike and potentially harming you and your baby fatally I would suggest that you do the responsible thing for you and your unborn child and ride in a car with your seatbelt on as far away from the dash as possible hope this helps Good Luck and God Bless!!!

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โˆ™ 2006-04-05 03:56:42
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Q: How far along in pregnancy is it safe to ride on a motorcycle?
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Is it safe to ride on the back of a motorcycle?

Only if the driver has a lot of experience and is very safe. Do not get on the back of a motorcycle with a new driver or someone who is unsafe.

What is the proper fit for a motorcycle helmet?

A motorcycle helmut should fit snuggly but not tight, too tight and a headache will follow. Ride safe and semi-sane!

You are 4 weeks pregnant will it be safe to ride an ATV?

As long as you have no crampsit is perfectly safe, as far as the pregnancy goes anyway.

Is it safe to ride a motorcycle when your ten weeks pregnant?

it is safe to ride a motercical until you are 5 months gone but the is allways a risk on a motercicel even if your not pregnant my mother was riding a motercical when she was pregnant with my brother

At what point in your pregnancy can you not ride a roller coaster what if you are only a month pregnant?

don't ride a roller coaster if you are pregnant. Doesn't matter how far along!! Probably nothing would happen and you would be quite safe at least until 3 months, but if anything did happen you would blame yourself.

Can 3 people ride on a motorcycle?


How old does a child have to be to ride on a motorcycle in Maine?

Seven years child with Riders support and 10 years child without Riders support is Safe.

Is it safe to ride a water slide at 7 weeks pregnant?

Yes it is, you can go on water slides for up to 10 weeks in your pregnancy.

Which antihelmintics is safe in pregnancy?

Levamisole 150 is safe antihelmintic in pregnancy.

Is xylometazoline is safe during pregnancy?

This drug is safe during pregnancy.

Is it safe to ride a bicycle on the road?

Depends on your skills as a rider, the road, and the riding conditions. There are some roads that should be avoided, and plnety that are just fine to ride along.

Is it safe to have ferrous calcium citrate along with calcium carbonate during pregnancy?

You should ask your doctor this question.

Is vinegar safe during pregnancy?

Vinegar is perfectly safe during pregnancy.

Can you ride a pregnant mare?

It is normally safe to ride a pregnant mare until the last 3 months of her pregnancy. It is good to keep a mare in shape so she will be healthy and be able to deliever more easily.

Is citrazine safe during pregnancy how many times you can take in a week?

Cetrizine is not safe during pregnancy. You can take promethazine (Phenergan). That is safe during pregnancy.

Why is rolaids not safe during pregnancy?

Rolaids should be safe to take during pregnancy.

IS bisoprolol safe during pregnancy?

Beta blockers are most probably safe in pregnancy.

Are allergex pills safe during pregnancy?

Chlorpheniramine maleate is safe during pregnancy.

Eno during pregnancy is safe or not?

Yes, it is safe to take Eno during pregnancy.

Is long ride in cars safe during pregnancy?

Yes, It does pay to get out and loosen up and get the blood flowing in the legs every couple of hours though.

Is it legal for a motorcycle to proceed through a red light after a full light cycle?

only in some states. but my personal feeling is that nothing is illegal if you dont get caught. ride safe!!

Is it more safe to ride your bike on the road or a car?

It is never safe to ride your bike on a car.

Are any rides safe for pregnant women?

If you are late in the pregnancy I would imagine the roller coaster can be quite uncomfortable along with anything you are turned upside down in. The rest is just for what the individual feel. As far as I know there's no ride particularly dangerous to a pregnant woman.

What day is safe from pregnancy?

No day is safe. No day is safe.

Is fresh milk safe to drink during pregnancy?

NoFresh milk is not safe during pregnancy.