How far away from the North Pole is the Magnetic Pole?

The Earth's Magnetic North Pole, where the magnetic field lines become oriented vertically, moves constantly due to the drift in the Earth's magnetic field. In 2005, the Magnetic North Pole was located at 82.7°N by 114.4°W. To find the magnitudal 2-D land displacement (distance) from the Magnetic North Pole to the True North Pole, multiply the difference between the Magnetic North Pole's latitude (+82.7) and 90 degrees, by 60 nautical miles. (Or: [90-82.7 = 7.3]×60 = 438 nautical miles). That value was correct for 2005, but keep in mind that any latitudinal shift in the position of the Magnetic North Poll indicates a change in distance between the two.