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18 miles i think.

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Q: How far away is Hilo Hawaii from Mt Kilauea?
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How far is Hilo from kilauea?

18 miles away

How far Hawaii to US?

2013 Miles from Hilo Hawaii to San Francisco

How far is San Diego from Hilo Hawaii?

The distance between San Diego, California and Hilo, Hawaii is 2506 miles (4034 km).

How far is it from Honolulu Hawaii to Kamuela Hawaii?

The two cities are located on different islands. Honolulu is on Oahu and Kamuela is on Hawaii. You would need to catch a plane from Kona or Hilo to get to Honolulu. From Kona airport, Honolulu is 163 miles and it will take you about 40 minutes. From Hilo, which is 216 miles away from Honolulu, it will take you 48 minutes.

Does Hawaii have the most earthquakes and volcanoesin the US?

Kilauea is the only active volcano as far as I know. We do not have the most earthquakes.

How far away is Alaska from Hawaii?


How far away is Hawaii from Tuvalu?

It's about 2,600 miles from Hawaii to Tuvalu.

What is Hawaii's kilauea volcano?

Kilauea is an volcano active volcano on the eastern side of the island of Hawaii. It is one of five volcanoes that make up the island. Kilauea is by far the most active of the Hawaiian volcanoes, and is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. The most recent eruption of Kilauea started in 1983 and is still ongoing. In other words, lava has been pouring out of the volcano almost nonstop for 30 years.

How far away is Hawaii to the Philippines?

To far to swim, to close for Hawaiians to keep them out.

How far away is Ohio from Hawaii?

26000 miles

How far away is Japan from Hawaii in miles?

It is 3850miles

How far is mauna loa from Hawaii?

i have been told that it 1300 miles away from Hawaii but i am not positive

How far away is Singapore from Hawaii?

Singapore to Honolulu, Hawaii is 6727.184 miles, as the crow flies.

How far away is Hawaii from new zealand?

it is just two hourse away from eachother!

How far away is Hawaii from the states?

Around 4000 km.

How far away is Hawaii from Arizona?

around 512 miles

How far away is Hawaii from the contiguous US?

It is 1,500 miles

How far away is hawaii from new york?

4,899 miles

How far from North America is Hawaii?

about 2000 miles away

Where is the Thurston lava tube located?

The Thurston Lava Tubes are located near Hilo, Hawaii, in the Volcanoes National Park, not far from Rainbow Falls. Very cool!

How far is Hawaii from Californa?

The distance between San Diego, California and Hilo, Hawaii is 2506 miles (4034 km). You can either fly or take a boat there--no way to drive.

How far away is Hawaii from Florida?

Hawaii is approximately 4,724 miles away from Florida. A flight from Hawaii to Florida would take about 10 hours when flying at 500 miles per hour.

How far away can you park from a fire hydrant in Hawaii?

10 feet

What present day states are near Hawaii?

None. The Hawaiian Islands are 2,000 miles away from the Continental U.S. There, California is closest to (but still far away from) Hawaii.

Why do Alaska and Hawaii have to be shown on inset map?

Alaska and Hawaii are shown on an inset map because they are too far away. Most maps try to show things to scale and both are far away.