How far away is the nearest quasar?


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Quasars are generally considered to be up to 10-12 billion light-years away. Despite being the brightest quasar visible from earth (and therefore the first to be discovered) EC-273 is not actually the closest to Earth. A quasar named PKS2349 is actually the closest, being around 1500 million light years away (1.5 billion) from earth.


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the quasar distance can reach up to 13 billion light years away to 16 billion light years away.

Quasars are too far away for a real photo, [but the related link] has an artists impression of what a quasar should look like.

Quasar. By far. A quasar is the explosion of a whole galaxy. Hypernova is just a big sun's explosion.

The nearest star is the Sun which is approximately 90 million miles away!

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The nearest to earth is over 9000 miles away.

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Far away and long ago (they were common early in the life of the universe).

The nearest star is about 4.3 light years away.

It would be a Quasar. Quasars are objects in space that are very far away but emit radio waves.

3 3 away from 80 7 away from 90

2.44 billion light years

The nearest star is about 4.2 light years away. So; 39,734,219,300,000 kilometres

12.5 light years away :) 73487500000000 miles 118259130907260 kilometers that is the nearest galaxy but the nearest sun is Alpha centauri; it is 44000 Billion km away from earth

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Back in 2000, scientists suggested that the flare-up of a visible star, designated V 464, possibly revealed the presence of a micro quasar (a type of black hole system) as close to the Earth as 1,600 light years away.

If the Sun was 1 ft across instead of 865,000 miles, the nearest star would be about 5500 miles away.

There's no such thing as "earth's" star. The nearest star that's not the sun is Proxima Centauri, roughly 4.4 light years away.

The sun is the nearest star. The next nearest one after the sun is about 278,000 times as far from us as the sun is.

Lightyears (for example, the nearest star to our sun is 4.1 lightyears away).

nearest 38million kilometers,furthest 261million kilometers

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