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Polar bears are efficient swimmers, for such large animals. While in the water they paddle with their front feet, and use the hind feet as rudders. They can swim at a speeds of 4-6 mph and paddle non-stop for 100 miles. Have been seen swimming several hundred miles from the nearest ice or land. While swimming, they keep their eyes open, their nostrils shut and their ears flattened to their heads. Polar bears can stay under up to 2 minutes. They are also capable of leaping out of the water 7'-8' feet from a swimming start. They have been seen catching seals that way.

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Do baby polar bears swim?

Yes polar bears can swim.

How fast can polar bears swim?

Polar bears swim 6 miles per hour Polar bears swim 6 miles per hour

Why do polar bears have webbed feet?

polar bears need to swim to get food

In what zone do polar bears swim?

Polar Bears live in the North Arctic Zone.

Can Polar Bears Swim?


What is the polar bears ability?

a ability is that they can swim!

What are some learned behaviors of polar bears?

Polar bears learn to: hunt and swim.Hunting seals.

How do polar bears carry their babies?

Polar bears carry their babies on their backs. They also swim like that.

Do polar bears like to swim?

Polar bears are very strong swimmers. One could consider a polar bears aptitude for swimming as a means of survival.

How are polar bears and penguins different?

Polar Bears live North, penguins are in the south. Penguins swim faster than Polar Bears. Polar bears are white, and penguins are typically black and white.

How do polar bears move around?

Swim ( they can swim about 300 miles) and walk.

How deep can polar bears swim?

5 feet

How long can polar bears swim for per day?

Polar bears have no stamina limit, as long as they eat at least 5kg of food, or natural equivalent, they can swim indefinitely.

Do polar bears need ice?

Yes, polar bears need sea-ice in the Arctic because they hunt seal, their main prey, on the ice. Unfortunately, global warming is melting the ice which forces polar bears to swim far distances, but they sometimes can't make it.

How do polar bears get around?

Polar bears get around by walking on all four feet. They also run, climb, and swim.

How long can polar bears swim under water?

Polar bears can hold their breath for about 2 minutes.

How cold is the water in which polar bears swim?

Polar bears swim in very cold water. Fortunately, it barely effects them because of their thick fur coat and their insalation(blubber)

How long can polar bears swim?

Polar bears have been known to swim extremely long times and cover hundreds of miles. Recently a polar bear fitted with a tracking device managed to swim for over 9 days and covered 426 miles.

Why isn't it far for polar bears?

It's not far for polar bears because we are putting them through global warming its not fair.

How far can a polar bear swim at once?

A polar bear can swim 100 miles at once.

How many miles can polar bears swim?

A polar bear can swim 100miles non-stop and can stay under water for 2mintues

What is an omnivore that swims?

polar bears are omnivores and they also swim

What part of the ocean do polar bears swim in?

The Arctic ocean.

What do polar bears back legs do when they swim?

Use them to swam

Is H20 polar or non polar?

It is one of the most polar molecules there is. I remember it by thinking of how POLAR Bears swim in the WATER.