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toilet should have a vent with in three feet of down pipe, but as long as you are with in the drop range for hori. pipe run you can go as far as you want, but you need that air vent close as you can so that the suction from the toilet water does not pull the rest of water from toilet base(p trap).

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Can the roof venting of a toilet be upstream of the toilet flange?

Most of the time they are. Depends on how far of course. Usually, the toilet is by the main stack so it only has to go the 12 to 16 inches to get to the drain. The main stack goes through the roof for the vent for the whole house or the bath and laundry. As long as the toilet is getting venting from somewhere, it should still flush.

How far can the air vent be from the toilet?

Within 24 "

How far from stack can you add new wye for toilet in basement?

As long as there is a cleanout on the stack, 25 feet

How far can a toilet be from the main vent stack before venting?

According to International Plumbing Code table 906.1 the maximum distance any trap can be from its vent is no more than 4 x's the pipe diameter. However the trap of a toilet is an integral trap, and is also above the vent serving it. In other words the trap itself doesn't rely directly on the vent to maintain its seal. The fixture drain serving the toilet must be vented to relieve back pressure caused by the toilets flush cycle. There isn't a clear cut answer in the International Plumbing Code, but in my opinion it's best to stick with table 906.1 and keep it within 4 pipe diameters (ie: 3" pipe x 4 = 12') of your vent.

How do you fix a venting problem on a basement toilet if the vent is too far from the toilet?

What do you mean to far? Considering a WC flush tank is considered 4 FU and on an 11/2" line you can run 4 FU 100 FEET I really do not see any problem If you have to, You can always use a 2" diameter pipe then connect the toilet and have an unlimited run in ft..

How far away from a vent stack which goes through the roof can a 1.5 kitchen sink drain be?

About 3 feet, but if your not going by code, i think you could go 4 feet and be ok

How far to rough in toilet?

A standard toilet roughs in at 12" from the wall.

What does the toilet paper do in 'Rocket Toilet'?

as far as i can see, nothing. it is just a trophy

How far can the toilet be from the basement drain. The toilet will be installed on the main floor but is there a certain degree angle for the pipe to be from toilet to basement drain?

Maximum distance of the toilet to the drain is 6 metres (20 feet). The angle of drop is set by the branch at 112 1/2o, which equates to about 1/4" of drop per foot.

What do you do after you get into the vent on poptropica 24 carrot island?

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How far should a portable toilet be from the tents?

Far enough so that you can not smell it.

How do you get out of the bathroom in shrinkray island?

SIMPLE. Just jump over the toilet then jump as far as you can when you get off the toilet

What is the Distance from toilet to front wall?

If you are asking how far the drain is from the wall behind the toilet, it is 12 inches from the center of the drain to the wall behind the toilet.

What is interface stack?

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How far can trap below stack?

168 feet 9 inches

Was the outhouse or the toilet bowl first?

Outhouse by far.

How far should a toilet flange be from a tub?

15 inches from outside edge of tub to center of toilet flange.

How far can a dryer pipe be from the exhaust vent?

Commercial or residential and what manufacturer

How far away do you mount a toilet from the wall?

you need about 12.5" from a finished wall to the center of the toilet flange. you need about 12.5" from a finished wall to the center of the toilet flange.

Why do you pee in your beds?

because the toilet is too far away.

What should you do if your toilet keeps overflowing onto the bathroom floor?

snake the main drain,it may be quite far down the line, or if on a septic system your flow is too slow

How far apart is a toilet paper roll holder?

if close 21 inches if far 44 inches

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