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swim 3 miles

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Q: How far can a whale shark swim in one day?
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How far does a great white shark swim in a day?


How far can a blue whale swim in a year?

As far as a blue whale can swim in a year

Who faster run Shark and whale?

A shark by far is faster than a whale.

What is bigger the whale shark or the great white shark?

The whale shark by far. The whale shark has been recorded up to about 59 feet whereas the great white can be up to around 21ft.

How far can a blue whale swim without stopping?


How many miles can a shark swim?

A shark can swim hundreds of miles. Sharks have been known to migrate as far as one continent to another.

How many babies can whale shark have?

A whale shark (as far as i know) can have between two and three young. I am eleven and i totally powned this question :p

How far can a killer whale swim?

Probably up to 150 mph

If a whale can swim 40 miles in one and one fourth of an hour how far can the whale swim in 1 hour?

Here is one way of working this out - find out how far the whale can swim in 1 min.1 and 1/4 hours = 60 + 15 mins = 75mins.The whale can swim 40 miles in 75 mins. So devide 40 by 75 and this is how far it can swim in 1 min. = 40/75 = 0.53333333333333333333333333333333 miles.1 hour = 60 mins so multiply how far the whale can swim in 1 min (0.53333333333333333333333333333333) by 60 to get how far the whale can swim in 1 hour. = 60*0.53333333333333333333333333333333 = 32 miles.Here is another way of working this out - by fractions.1 hour = 4 quarters hours1 and one forth of an hour = 5 quarter hoursit takes the whale 5 quarter hours to swim 40 miles so how far can it swim in 4 quarter hours or 4/5 ths of the 4/5*40 = 32miles

Where is whale shark in jaws unleashed?

Yes: If you go to Open Ocean east around your compass,far,far there will be whale sharks swiming around your compass on the map also,narwhales,sting ray,crabs,fish grouper,and snake.the whale shark will do no harm

How far can the humpback whale travel in a day?

120km a day

Who is tougher a whale shark or a killer whale?

killer whales are a natural killer but it kills sea lions only and as far as i know there havent been any killer whales attack to any human. whale shark are a gentle creauture and very diffrent then killer whales . there havent been any whale shark attack to human . In my point of view killer whale is tougher then whale shark because the killer whale is fast has a good and killer sized teeth.

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