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How far can they go back for a drug test using hair?

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3 months no matter how long your hair is

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Will using lice shampoo help to pass hair drug test?

Using a Bic razor is the only way to pass a hair drug test.

Will you fail a hair drug test if you haven't use for three months?

Hair drug tests can go back seven years. It is not against the law to ask how far back they test before you submit to the test

If you have hair extensions will they prevent you from being positive in a hair drug test?

No, hair extensions are made from the hair of homeless junkies that sell their hair for meth. Using this hair in a drug test would definitely give a positive result.

Does ZYDOT Ultra Clean work for a Hair Drug Test even if they get the Root?

Yes, doing a hair drug test they are going back Months, and can even test up to a year.

Does body hair go back further than hair on your head for a drug test?

Yes it does.

What are the standard drugs tested for in a hair drug test?

Hair follicle testing can test for any and every drug there is. The drugs can be traced back some to two years since the last use of the drug.

How far back can a hair follicle test detect methadone?

The test can go back as long as your hair is long. The average growth rate for hair is 1/2 inch every month. So if they take 2 inches of hair - they can test for four months worth of drug usage. With said, however, the average hair drug test will go back for 30 - 90 days. The longer the hair is, the less accurate the test will be.

Will cutting hair after days after using a drug prevent you from showing positive on a hair test?

No. Drugs stay in the hair for weeks.

Is twenty six days enough to pass a drug test?

No. Depending on the drug it stays in your hair and fat cells. If you want to pass a drug test quit using.

How many years can a hair drug test go back?

30 days

How far back does a hair test for weed detect?

approximately detection time for hair drug test is 90 days , longer if they use body hair

I have a Hair drug test coming up and the last use was 3 weeks ago am i okay?

No, they look back three MONTHS on a hair test but they can look back as far as your hair will let them.

Can you pass drug test after 7 weeks clean?

Saliva and urine drug test -YES, but the best will be to home test yourself using One or 5 or 7 panel home drug test kit (from any CVS). Hair drug test- NO

What type of drug test does waffle house give hair or urine and do they always give a drug test?

I am going through the interview process now and I was asked to do a hair follicle test and was tested by hair on the head. The test only goes back 90 days.

How long does marijuana stay in your hair follicle?

5 years. But 99% of drug test using this method only go back 6 months

How far back can a drug test go for weed i have to take a drug test 10 months from now and i herd that some test can go back as far as a few years is tht true?

NO... this is not true! The furthest back a drug test can go is about 6 moths if they use a sample of your hair. Urine drug test can only go back as far as a month.

How long does the drug katamine remain in your system to get away from a hair drug test?

A hair test will show every drug you have used for the length of your hair.

How do you pass a drug test after using heroin?

You don't. It stays in the fat and hair cells.

Can you pass a drug hair test in 1 month after using only a gram?


How do you pass a drug test using your hair?

Certain drugs can be detected in the hair.The best way to pass the test is not to take any drugs.All drugs can be detected in your hair follicles. Drug testing of the hair follicle, is the most effective drug test there is, because everything you ingest, stays in the hair. They can pick up on it even if you are fresh out of the shower.

If you did three lines of coke 10 weeks ago will it show up on a hair follicle test?

Yes, It will. Hair drug test can trace back up to 3 months of drug history.

Can a hair test detect past 1 year?

Yes, a drug test done on hair can go back as far as they cut, but typically they test the hair closest to the scalp which has the newest cells.

Does procter and gamble drug test- urine or hair?

hair can go back further than urine!

Can you pass a drug urine test after using crack by drinking Jazz Total Detox?

No, the drug is in your hair and fat cells.

Can the lab test the wrong end of your hair drug test?

probably my test came back negitive. so i worried for nothing.

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